Products We Love: Hour25

Hour25 is a Santa Monica based cleaning service that wants to give you an extra hour of freedom every day! All you have to do is sign up to have the professionals come by your place for an hour daily and take care of the tasks that you feel aren’t the best use of your valuable time. Let Hour25 make beds, take out trash, do dishes, any chore that you feel could be handled by someone else while you move on to more important things. While they take care of the mundane, you can get more work done, spend more time with the people you love, or pursue your passions!

Products We Love: TCS Label Maker

Ah, the label maker. It’s ubiquitous yet often unsung in the organizational field. Maybe it’s because labels aren’t traditionally attractive- but I want to show you they can be! What helps is having just the right label maker.

Products We Love: Farm Box LA

If you love fresh produce but don’t always have time to hit the weekend markets, Farm Box LA is for you. This service delivers the best local produce and artisan food items from the LA area right to your door. Here at Clutter Healing we love saving time and promoting better health, so this week we’re comparing this service to our PWL criteria.

Products We Love: SodaStream

The conversation about how to get the right amount of hydration for your lifestyle has never been more relevant. Many sources recommend around 8 glasses a day, but most Americans just don’t get that much thanks to sodas, sugary juices, and other artificial drinks. Enter SodaStream, a device that is helping to make better beverages accessible to everyone.