In-Home Organizing

Welcome to Clutter Healing®
In-Home Organizing!

Sort, contain and eliminate clutter with organizational systems designed to fit your lifestyle—and any room in your home. From kitchens to kids’ rooms, we create order, alignment and a profound sense of calm to your living space.


I’m a big believer in the energy that all of our physical belongings hold. As a result, when a space is filled with too much “stuff,” it can feel heavy and dense. 

Once we implement our process in your space, you’ll begin to feel an energetic shift within a matter of hours. Think of it as feeling more expansive, clear headed, and relieved.   

Our 4-step process works a little something like this: 


Before we begin the organizing process, we’ll chat about your intentions for your space. The intention will serve as a roadmap for how your home will function going forward, creating a clear vision before we begin the hands-on work. 


Here, we’ll guide you through a gentle-yet-effective experience, letting go of items that no longer suit you, your lifestyle, or the life you’re aspiring to create. We’ll align the items in your space with your core values, supporting you while eliminating extras that cause chaos. Our approach is non-judgmental and we’re all about making you feel comfortable and at ease.


It’s our goal to create systems and solutions you can easily follow, organizing items in a way that works for your lifestyle – not just your Instagram feed. Once everything you no longer need is out, we will work from your intention to create a space that’s effective, efficient, and exactly what you envision. Side note: this step is our favorite as it allows us to have fun and express your personality through labels, baskets, and styling.


Lastly, we’ll schedule maintenance to keep your space looking good 24/7. Whether it’s a once a month visit or a zoom call to check in, we’ll teach you how to pick up and put things away in a thoughtful, mindful way. I like to think of the maintenance process like a moving meditation – a two way street that infuses your home with love. The more love and conscious attention you give to your space, the more it will give back to you.

“But honestly, Lili, you helped me with something that was so big and hard and shameful. You made this scary monster feel so manageable and I will be forever grateful for you and for your help.” – Marisa Reisel


To us, a home is like a living, breathing body. We look at a space like any holistic doctor would – treating it in its entirety, rather than placing a bandaid on one area. Moreover, organizing the whole home creates a foundation for living that flows with ease and grace.

From kitchens to kids’ rooms, Clutter Healing is ready to bring order, alignment, and calm to your space. Whether it’s maximizing space to turn your home into a sanctuary or coordinating and categorizing to make things easy to find, we want to inspire the way you live.  

  • Closet Design + Organization
  • Decluttering + Downsizing Services
  • Digital Decluttering
  • Emergency + Disaster Preparedness
  • Garage Design + Organization
  • Home Office Organization
  • Home Staging + Styling
  • Kitchen Organization
  • Moving + Relocation Services
  • Nursery Set-Up + Organization
  • Playrooms / Kids Spaces Organization
  • Storage Units



Set up a one-hour in-person ($200) or FaceTime consult to define your intentions, dreams and goals for your space.


We’ll work with you to set up an action plan that works for you and your lifestyle.


We’ll hit the ground (or your space!) running, getting your home in tip-top shape. Please note: all sessions have a 6-hour minimum.

RATES: $200/hour for 2 organizers. Additional organizers billed at $90/hour. Lili’s rate is $200/hour. We also offer project rates – please inquire below.


How long will it take for you to organize my house?

Projects are quoted by volume not room. Each project is as unique as you!

What if I feel anxious before you arrive?

Anxiety + fear might come up before the session – this is totally normal! You are about to move a lot of energy both in your home and yourself! You might worry that we will judge you or have opinions about your belongings. One of the core values of Clutter Healing is to provide a judgement free experience so trust that you are in kind loving company as you go through the process. We make it as FUN as possible.

Will you donate items for clients once cleared from a space?

Yes! As a conscious company, we do our best to get donations in the hands of people and institutions that need what you are no longer using. We work closely with animal shelters, the unhoused population, local neighborhood organizations and women who are rebuilding their lives after leaving an abusive situation. We are also happy to get in touch with a charity of your choice. Note there is a small flat donation fee to cover travel time + gas.

What do you do with clients’ trash?

We will utilize your garbage and recycling bins first as long as it aligns with your trash day. We do not haul away trash, but are happy to schedule a hauler, dumpster, or bulky pick-up for you.

What is your Covid-19 policy?

We take safety very seriously and if requested we will wear masks the entire time we are in your home. We will only use the designated bathroom that you would like us to use. If we have symptoms or have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for the virus, we will reschedule your session and ask that you do the same. We want to make sure you feel safe and comfortable in your home.

What is your cancellation policy?

We understand that life happens – and while we respect your time, we trust you will respect ours, too. That said, we require 48 hours advance notice to cancel or reschedule an appointment.

Are you available for organization jobs outside of the LA area?

Email us for a customized travel proposal.


Clutter Healing’s mission is to create a space that’s beautiful and efficient, resulting in a home that’s designed to increase your clarity, energy, and purpose.   

The process with Lili goes SO far beyond a generic closet organizer. Lili is a closet, home, household and “personal clutter” counselor. Her assistance is great. Her energy is great. Highly recommend!

Jesse Siglow