Breathwork Healing

Healer Training

My intention as a breathwork healer is to teach people how to heal themselves by simply using the power of their breath and go from surviving to thriving.

I create the time + space, keep you focused during the session and hold you accountable.

All you have to do it breathe.

Breathwork is simply an active breathing meditation that gives your brain something to focus on while your physical and emotional bodies release stuck energy.

Upon entering the world in our human suit, we are born with the ability to breathe yet many of us hold our breath, don’t trust our intuition and experience fear more often than peace. When done consistently, breathwork will give you more energy and allow you to be more present in your life while also removing stress and anxiety.

Navigating the challenges of life become much easier to process when you have a toolbox to dig into. You will begin to see that everything that life has to offer you is actually happening for you and not to you. It’s all exactly as it should be.

She has a true gift for holding space for others and everything she said felt like the exact thing I needed to hear in the moment. The breathwork was so powerful and I received a strong message to “let go” I knew immediately what this message was referring to and have since followed that which has led to me creating space for the many new things I’m manifesting. This was a beautiful experience and I can’t recommend it enough!”
– Kristy V.

It’s a bit confronting and uncomfortable at first as many of us are not used to being fully present in our bodies. With discipline and practice this tool also allows you to work on healing emotional response patterns that are generally established in early childhood + govern our adult lives. 

The breath is the most important relationship you will ever have + every time you take a deep breath you are affirming your right to be here, to take up space + live with joy. 

I’m thrilled to be sharing this heart-opening gift with you at this very unique time in history. May it nourish + ground you each and every time.

There are many different types of Breathwork (techniques vs. healing) but this particular style is all done breathing through an open mouth while lying down.

No previous experience required.

*Individuals with seizure disorders or a history of seizures should consult a physician prior to engaging in Breathwork*

If you’ve never done breathwork, it’s literally just breathing intentionally in a certain pattern. It may sound woo-woo or unremarkable, but it truly is one of the best modalities out there for hitting the reset button and taking care of yourself mind, body, and spirit. Last time we had Lili host a workshop, I was motivated for WEEKS afterwards, able to clear out mental + physical clutter that had been slowing me down for months prior. It is an honestly life-changing practice.
– Lenéa Sims, Founder Inner Play, Outer Work

What Are the Benefits?

  • Relief from stress, depression, anxiety, grief, anger, pain
  • Mental clarity
  • Renewed energy
  • A greater sense of well-being and calm
  • Creative hits – lots of “ah-ha” moments
  • Emotional release in a safe container
  • Intuitive messages are often heard and felt
  • Connecting to guides or loved ones from the other side

Indigo blue pillow on eyes

Things You’ll Need…

  • Location – A comfortable place to lie down uninterrupted for the full session.
  • No distractions – Turn off all other electronic devices/distractions.

Things You May Want…

  • Helpers to support you – candles, essential oils, crystals, breathing stones, sage, palo santo, etc.
  • Blanket – You may get a little chilly so it’s nice to have some warmth.
  • Headphones – Music will be played during this experience so you may want to wear headphones.
  • Eye cover – An eye cover and a dimly lit environment are recommended.
  • Journal + a pen – do your best to set aside a few minutes for reflection post breathing.
  • Bolster or pillows placed under your knees are good to support anyone who has lower back tightness. You will be doing this practice lying down the entire time.

What Might Happen Physically…

  • Tetany – Your hands might cramp up a bit and look like crab claws. This is all totally normal. Tetany can also occur around the mouth. When you return to a normal breathing pattern all of the intense body sensations will relax. Just know that the body wants to give you messages. Pay attention, listen and enjoy the ride.
  • Emotional Release – This is pretty common so let the tears, screams and laughs flow.


Please be gentle with yourself post practice. It is in our human nature to dive back into the rush of life once we complete a task, yet I’m encouraging you to take a little time, even if it’s just 5 min, to make some notes in a journal about what you just experienced. I often experience a surge of creativity or gain insights on how to move forward with a project during breathwork. Make some notes. Follow your heart. 

You may be very hungry 15-20 minutes after Breathwork. That is totally normal. Do you best to avoid sugar + alcohol as those substances can dampen the emotional and physical release you just experienced. 

Take an epsom salt bath or a shower to support further clearing your physical vessel. Salt water is also very grounding + will get you back in your body. 


If you feel a bit outside of your body, connect to nature by putting your bare feet or body on the earth, hug a tree or look up into the sky. Connecting back to the Earth will support getting grounded and more aligned to the here and now. 

Remember that every time you breathe you are reborn and have the opportunity to begin again. You worked hard, you dove in and have healed yourself. Trust that anything you experienced was perfectly timed and things are shifting whether you are fully aware of not.

This particular practice will continue to connect the dots of your life on all levels. Get curious + enjoy the ride.

Not sure if Breathwork is for you?

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“I just wanted to say thank you for the session today. I had a lot come up which meant I felt safe. So thank you for holding that space.” – Kymberly S.