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3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Unsubscribing

  This month I’ve been talking about systems for handling incoming paperwork and email. I mentioned a few ways you can cut down on incoming mail because let’s be honest, we all want to spend […]

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How to Tame Paperwork and Digital Clutter

  It’s officially March, a month we associate with the time changing, spring cleaning, voting and entering tax season. It’s a time of renewal but also potential financial stress. Since you need to get your […]


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  • We’re all spending a lot of time at home right now and clearing the energy regularly is great for yourself and your home. 
Everything is energy and when you consciously invest in your space you will feel it!
  • Is your kids stuff driving you crazy? 
Never be afraid to style your kiddo's collections with their organized bins or baskets. It personalizes their space and teaches them how to honor and respect what they own. 
#kidsorganization #shelfie #overland #respectyourself
  • Lately cleaning has been bringing me a lot of joy. It's something that I can control in a world that seems beyond my grasp at the moment. 🌎 
Cleaning has become another form of meditation, of medicine. 🧹 
Intentional dishwashing, vacuuming, wiping down counters, doing's all things I haven't done 100% in a long time. Can I get an AMEN to all the domestic support staff right about now? 🙏🏻 But to be honest, it feels good to be investing back my energy into my home. My sweat equity if you will. 💦

Fun fact: When I was in elementary school and my family was recovering from bankruptcy, I actually used to clean houses with my mom. 💪🏻 What are you doing to get through the day? Breathing? Cleaning? Walking in nature? 🌿

Let’s connect in the comments below👇🏻 Sending you so much strength and support! We can do this!

#neverforget #liveyourtruth #gratitude #consciousconsumer #stayhome #covid19

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  • This one hit me like - THANK YOU!🙌🏼 I'm really using this time to focus on what the "after" looks like for my little family unit. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Since this all hit I've slept more soundly than I have in over a year (I did have lots of postpartum anxiety but still) and have had more moments of joy and love than I have in a very, very long time. 
Nothing was "wrong" with what I was doing prior to staying at home, but my relationship to what the meaning of home, abundance vs financial stability and true love sure have. 
What are you leaving behind?
What are you stepping into?
What’s coming up to be healed or burned away? 
I’m so here with you.

This is a huge opportunity to lay down a solid new foundation and create a new way of living. 
Let's connect in the comments below. 
#weareallinthistogether #riseup #openheart #divinetiming 
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  • Hey loves! 
Wanted to keep you in the loop with my support availability AND say that you’re doing a great job! ✌🏻 Thought we could use a little before and after closet inspo right now. #keepingitreal 🌈

Enjoy and I hope to see you very soon in my breathwork love bubbles or in a virtual organizing session. 💛 
Let’s turn all of this into a sacred experience shall we? 
Weekly schedule:

Sundays @ 10am PT - 1 hour virtual breathwork 
Tuesdays @ 6am PT - IG Live meditation 
Wednesdays @ 12pm PT - 30 minute virtual breathwork 
Virtual organizing and private breathwork sessions available! Link in profile or DM me👆🏻 🌿photo by @kristine.lo 🌿

#beforeandafter #househealer #spirit-led

Many of us are asking how the hell did we end up here?

But does it really matter now that we are here? 
What I've personally experienced in these last few weeks and seen in all the email campaigns, free offerings and humans lending hands to other humans is how we are all CONNECTING once again. 
We're being asked to stay inside and while that may be uncomfortable initially, we are being given a huge opportunity to reconnect to the things that matter most.

If all the items in our homes could tell a story would you be proud of where they came from? 
Have you been communicating your needs on a deeper level with loved ones? 
Have you taken a deep breath and fully experienced the messages your body is giving you right now? 
Have you noticed Mother Nature and all her gifts?

It's all pretty confusing and overwhelming right now but I know that there are gifts in all this uncertainty. I've been experiencing little miracles and shifts daily despite the circumstances. 
I encourage you to CONNECT to your heart.
Connect to the earth. 
Connect to your emotions.
Connect with your family and loved ones. 
Connect with your body. 
All we have is time. 
How are you spending it? 
#slowdown #spiritled #honortheearth #cominghome #ecofriendly

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  • I’m sharing a few of my personal routines to keep myself connected to my space in a simple and mindful way. The key is to keep it simple and let go of perfection.

Cover photo: @hylahhedgepeth
  • As we learn to navigate this unique time in history, new tools may be required to stay calm, centered and present.

Breathwork is something that has changed my life and impacts those that stick with it in a profound way.

This is a simple technique to support rebalancing your energy centers, purging emotions and heavy energy.



If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to DM or email me. Sending health and wellness to everyone.✨ Cover photo: @hylahhedgepeth

Our Intention

At Clutter Healing®, Inc., our intention as professional organizers is to provide a fun, safe and non-judgmental space to clear physical and emotional clutter. With more than a decade of organizing experience, we are able to set-up your home in a beautiful and efficient way with systems that are easy to follow. It is our greatest honor to support clients who value increased clarity, energy, and purpose.

Lili possesses extensive professional training in the healing arts, including shamanic house blessing and pranayama breathwork meditation, to complement her de-cluttering with spiritual healing. She uses these unique tools during many of her organization processes to clear the mind and body once needless possessions have been removed from clients’ spaces. These techniques are helpful prior to the organization process to help ease resistance, tension and stress.

About Lili

Lili arranging flowersClutter Healer Lili Pettit matches expert organization with intuitive energetic cleansing to evaluate, coordinate and completely rejuvenate the home. Trained in a series of respected and time-honored traditions, Lili works one-on-one with clients to identify and uncover emotional attachments to their possessions and embark on a gentle, yet effective, path toward releasing and removing them from the home.

Combining 12 years in fashion and styling with a keen organizational acumen from childhood, Lili transforms and restores clients’ living spaces while clearing the air for positive energy to flow freely.

Clutter Healing® offers a variety of services that help clients balance their clutter while recognizing and understanding what they need—and let go of the rest. Lili’s positive attitude, clear logic, and gentle energy help guide clients through the cleansing process and establish a sense of calm, clarity and consciousness in their emotional and physical space.

We look forward to working with you and creating a customized package that fits your unique needs. Please contact us for a complementary consultation.