Products We Love: Farm Box LA

If you love fresh produce but don’t always have time to hit the weekend markets, Farm Box LA is for you. This service delivers the best local produce and artisan food items from the LA area right to your door. They believe, and we agree, that their service allows farmers to focus on what they love (growing the best produce possible) and that extra care shows in the final product! Here at Clutter Healing, we love saving time and promoting better health, so let’s see how Farm Box fits our trio of criteria:

Is it useful?

All you have to do to order is go online and pick what you need! You can schedule the same “trust me” items chosen by the staff every week, make sure you get a new bottle of olive oil every 6 weeks, or customize it every time. As if that weren’t helpful enough, they also provide a weekly newsletter with recipe ideas and information about the products, and they have a designated nutritionist you can call with questions any day of the week. This service really gives you the tools to expand your culinary horizons, eat better quality food, and improve your lifestyle.



Is it efficient?
Farm Box delivers the products right to your door, so you save time and energy that would be spent going to the grocery store every week! The most efficient aspect of this business, however, is that you can donate your leftovers to be composted, leading to a lovely cycle of renewal.

Is it beautiful?

This is another case where beauty applies more to the concept than to the aesthetic qualities of the product. Organic, sustainable, community-supporting food is a beautiful concept. Farmers and artisans are happier because they can focus on their craft instead of sales and marketing, the community is happier because local businesses are thriving, you’re happier because you’re eating and feeling better, and Farm Box is happy that they could make it all happen.



FarmBox has sister companies in other cities, so if you’re not local to LA, be sure to check their page to see if there’s one near you. To learn more or sign up now, visit