Products We Love: SodaStream

How much water do you drink daily? Recently, articles like this one: about what happens to your body when you don’t get enough water to drink (helpful hint: it’s not good!) have been popping up all over. The conversation about how to get the right amount of hydration for your lifestyle has never been more relevant. Many sources recommend around 8 glasses a day, but most Americans just don’t get that much thanks to sodas, sugary juices, and other artificial drinks. Enter SodaStream, a device that is helping to make better beverages accessible to everyone.


You may have seen it on TV, turning ordinary tap water into sparkling water, soda, and energy drinks. There are a million different flavors and brands to choose from, but what’s really amazing is the converter itself. It uses a C02 carbonator to cut out the middleman and let you make whatever kind of drink you like, with more water and more personality than ever before! We love new technology, especially if it saves room, keeps you healthy, and fosters individuality. So let’s see how it fits our Clutter Healing Criteria:

Is it useful?

SodaStream is practical for a few different reasons. For one, it helps you drink more water than you’re used to, about 3 cups more a day. And when you use it to make soda, you save both money and calories! A bottle of SodaStream soda is less than half the price of a can, and is made without any high fructose corn syrup. Who doesn’t like a little more money in their pocket and a spring in their step?

Is it efficient?

One of the best perks of making your own carbonated drinks is that you don’t have to waste fridge space on soda cans and bottles anymore. If you choose to use their glass or BPA-free plastic refillable bottles, you can help the environment, too! Couple that with the fact that one carbonator will last you months and SodaStream comes out on top of the efficiency charts.


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Is it beautiful?

SodaStream is beautiful in it’s simplicity. Every model shares the same sleek, minimal design, but you can get creative with the color and finishes you like. Its small frame allows you to put it anywhere you want, and with customizable colors you can rock it in any style of kitchen.

Interested in getting one? You can find SodaStream everywhere from Williams-Sonoma to Sur La Table, or visit their website to order online.

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