Products We Love: TCS Label Maker

Ah, the Label Maker. [asa]B00LV8QI9M[/asa] It’s ubiquitous yet often unsung in the organizational field. Maybe it’s because labels aren’t traditionally attractive- but I want to show you they can be! What helps is having just the right label maker. We use this one from The Container Store and absolutely love it. It’s even featured on WhoWhatWear, in the auspicious list of Lili’s favorite buys. So this week, we’re going to review how it relates to our trio of Clutter Healing Criteria:

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Labels create sense and order from what would otherwise be chaos.
Labels create sense and order from what would otherwise be chaos.

Is it useful?

The label maker is integral to the maintenance of your organization. You can have the cleanest closet in the world, nicely sorted out and organized, but when you start to actually use it by wearing clothes, moving things around, and generally living life, what keeps your systems on track are the labels that remind you where things SHOULD go. They’re like the lines you want to stay inside while coloring. This particular label maker is especially useful because it’s easy to maneuver and adjust, and there are a plethora of style options. You can switch between colored tapes, various fonts, and different sizes to coordinate with any kind of décor.

Creative colors take labels from boring to beautiful.
Creative colors take labels from boring to beautiful.

Is it efficient?

Not only do labels make maintaining your organization easier, they make you more efficient. Time saved searching for the right spot or right thing can transform how you operate. With labels you can go from constantly digging to always having the right answer. That’s a great feeling! In addition, this label maker uses tape you can find anywhere, and it only takes a matter of seconds to change out. And unlike the older clunkier models, it produces labels with incredible speed. No more waiting forever while it tick-tick-ticks slowly out.


Is it beautiful?
The beauty is really up to you on this item. Not that the label maker itself doesn’t have it’s own certain aesthetic appeal (it does), but the way to get true beauty from this product is to be creative. Hanging label tags, different placement, and pretty colors can brighten and improve the aesthetic quality of your storage. Check out our use of labeled manila hangtags here, or mine our Pinterest page for more cute ideas.

Want to get one for yourself? Visit The Container Store’s website to check them out.