Products We Love: Hour25

Hour25 is a Southern California based cleaning service that wants to give you an extra hour of freedom every day! All you have to do is sign up to have the professionals come by your place for an hour daily and take care of the tasks that you feel aren’t the best use of your valuable time.  Let Hour25 make beds, take out trash, do dishes, any chore that you feel could be handled by someone else while you move on to more important things. While they take care of the mundane, you can get more work done, spend more time with the people you love, or pursue your passions!

It is Useful?
Lili uses this service herself to keep up with dishes and household chores. Lili loves to cook (we’ll be checking out her food prep system soon, in fact!) but as a business owner, there are often more important things to finish on her to do list than scrubbing pans. So she hires Hour25 to take care of it, and she gets more time to focus on the things she actually likes. It’s a win-win!

 Is it Efficient?
This business is the poster child for efficiency. Hour25 has employees, not contractors. What this means for you is that somebody has already vetted and trained the person with access to your stuff. They’ve done the background checks and leg work for you, so you know that somebody trustworthy and skilled will show up to your door. And what’s more, you pay by credit card through automatic statements. No need for awkward cash exchanges anymore!

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 Is it beautiful?
Your place sure will be, after they get through with it. And really, isn’t more time in your life a beautiful thing, too? We think so.

So if you’ve got more important things to accomplish than taking out the trash or making the bed, then contact Hour25 to get someone over there, stat!