Gandhi Gives Great Advice

Too often we’re hard on ourselves, demanding perfection from our appearance, career, and relationships. But negative and discouraging thoughts are not only non-productive; they can be harmful to your life. As Gandhi said, the thoughts we have turn into behaviors and habits we carry with us…

Products We Love: Farm Box LA

If you love fresh produce but don’t always have time to hit the weekend markets, Farm Box LA is for you. This service delivers the best local produce and artisan food items from the LA area right to your door. Here at Clutter Healing we love saving time and promoting better health, so this week we’re comparing this service to our PWL criteria.

Recommendation: Sleep Calculator

If you have trouble getting a good night’s rest, the key to fixing it may be tracking your REM cycles. We all go through several in a night, and waking up in the middle of one (even the third or fourth cycle) will leave you feeling groggy and tired. A sleep calculator may be the answer to your problems…

Three Tips For Morning Efficiency

Are you hitting the snooze button for an hour every morning? Do you usually end up rushing through or skipping parts of your routine? Do you wish there was an easier way? There is! We have some helpful hints to guide you to a more efficient and successful morning routine.

Organization Helps You Live In The Moment

It’s hard to be open to new opportunities if you’re still clinging to the past. It’s also difficult to take a step forward if you’re constantly anxious about the future. Both are cases of living outside of the present moment, and scientists have confirmed that it negatively affects your health. The online research journal Science found that people who dwell on the past or are preoccupied with the future, even positively, are less happy overall than their present-centered counterparts. But luckily, choosing to take on the task of organization can help you live in the now and do things you never thought possible. How?

Switching Over Your Wardrobe Seasonally: Spring/Summer

In our previous article about Spring Cleaning we recommended that if your wardrobe is on the larger side, you should switch out your winter and summer essentials seasonally. That way you keep the things you need easy to reach while maintaining the integrity of your off-season clothes and space in your closet. If you’re wondering where to begin, we can help!

Products We Love: SodaStream

The conversation about how to get the right amount of hydration for your lifestyle has never been more relevant. Many sources recommend around 8 glasses a day, but most Americans just don’t get that much thanks to sodas, sugary juices, and other artificial drinks. Enter SodaStream, a device that is helping to make better beverages accessible to everyone.

Maintain Your Spring Cleaning In Only 10 Minutes a Day!

You don’t always have all the time in the world to keep your household clean and under control. But after deep spring-cleaning with the help of last week’s guide, you still want to make sure your hard work doesn’t go out the window! We have a handy guide to helping you make it last as long possible: