What Your Facialist Really Wants You To Know

Earlier, we shared with you 3 Organic Skin Scrub Recipes to try at home. Now we want to continue in that vein by giving you some more great insight into taking care of your skin while using natural, organic ingredients. Here to help is The Woods Home Spa’s Taylor Davanzo! If you haven’t heard her name yet, you’re truly missing out! This Santa Monica native is an expert esthetician and facialist, as well as an organic skin care guru. She definitely knows a thing or two about keeping your skin bright and healthy. Let’s see the tip she has for us today!


“I tell my clients that any skincare product that will be absorbed into the skin should strictly be organic,” says Davanzo, “Lotion covers the vast majority of our body and will have the biggest absorption into our bloodstream. So it’s important not to use anything that can have a negative effect in the long run!”

From water to oil, the hydrating coconut is an amazing natural resource.
From water to oil, the hydrating coconut is an amazing natural resource.


The skin care specialist recommends using oils from a whole food source like coconut, jojoba, or apricot instead. These are not only less expensive but do a great job hydrating skin anyway! You should also be strict about the ingredients in moisturizer, serum or toners you’re using.  However, she advises that products which sit more topically on the skin are less of a health hazard – like cleansers, powder based makeup or make up wipes. This is great to know because although Taylor recommends using only organic skincare if you can, it’s  always helpful to know where you absolutely should spend the money and where you can afford to scrimp a little. But if you are interested in getting a full line of organic products, there’s one line especially that Davanzo approves of, so be sure check out what Eminence Organic Skincare has to offer!

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 5.45.18 AM“I swear by this line, and have been using it for 10 years on myself and in my practice” says the expert.


So stop by and grab products from them if you’re interested, but either way, in the future be sure to consider the label carefully and avoid any harmful unnatural ingredients before you lather on the lotion! And stay tuned to hear more great skin care advice from Taylor Davanzo in the coming weeks!