5 Quick Affirmations to Get The Most Out of Your Day

Affirmations are useful tools for reminding yourself to be the person you want to be, to help with pursuing success, and to stay happy. Try these at home and see if you can prove: it really is mind over matter.

Breathwork Explained: Part One

Some of you out there are aware that Lili is a commended breathwork instructor. Hopefully you’ve seen our posts about her retreats and weekly circles, too! If you saw but had no idea what it was all about, this blog series is for you. Breathwork, mindful breathing, and pranayama are all names for the practice of breath centered meditation.

Products We Love: SodaStream

The conversation about how to get the right amount of hydration for your lifestyle has never been more relevant. Many sources recommend around 8 glasses a day, but most Americans just don’t get that much thanks to sodas, sugary juices, and other artificial drinks. Enter SodaStream, a device that is helping to make better beverages accessible to everyone.