Small Spaces: Entryway Coat Closet

Entryway coat closets in small homes can be tricky beasts. They can go from clean to chaotic with the simple addition of a few hard-to-store items – before you know it you’re shutting the door just so you don’t have to look at it any more. Take a deep breath, and open the door. Let’s […]

Vacation Packing Guide

Summer  is almost over, and you haven’t taken break. So, in the spur of the moment you hopped online, caught a deal, and  booked a last minute vacation (insert high five).  Excited to escape the hustle and bustle of life,  you toss your clothes into a suitcase and dash for the door. When you arrive […]

Delegating at Home

I have a dirty little secret—I hate washing dishes! I’ll meal prep weekly to save time in the kitchen, but cleaning up almost negates that purpose! Trying to keep a clean home while balancing work and life can be a huge burden on a person. It’s time to assess—what can I delegate?

Paleo Diet: the Primal Lifestyle

Following a few general guidelines, one can adopt a paleo or primal diet… and potentially increase alertness, health, optimize body weight and increase overall vitality.

Gandhi Gives Great Advice

Too often we’re hard on ourselves, demanding perfection from our appearance, career, and relationships. But negative and discouraging thoughts are not only non-productive; they can be harmful to your life. As Gandhi said, the thoughts we have turn into behaviors and habits we carry with us…