Delegating at Home

I have a dirty little secret—I hate washing dishes! I’ll meal prep weekly to save time in the kitchen, but cleaning up almost negates that purpose! Trying to keep a clean home while balancing work and life can be a huge burden on a person. It’s time to assess—what can I delegate?

I start by evaluating what physical clutter stands between me and a productive day:

  •   How long will this take me to clean?
  •   What is my time worth?

1. On-Demand Services

Luckily, there are hundreds of on-demand services to make life easier, from housekeeping, dog-walking, grocery and laundry delivery, to ride sharing—there’s an app for that! Does it cost money? Yes. Is it worth the investment? Absolutely. I know hiring a housekeeper saves me hours of work, physical and emotional energy, and gives me peace of mind. As a result, I’m coming home to a clean, clutter-free home!

2. Personal Assistant

Think hiring someone is out of your budget? Maybe, but you may be surprised at how affordable some on-demand services can be! Depending where you live, personal assistants can range from $14-18 per hour! Hiring an assistant to fold laundry, put away groceries, and run errands can actually help you make money, too. Instead of spending 5 hours a week on household chores, you can devote that time to your work – all without breaking the bank.

3. Ask Your Tribe

If outsourcing help still isn’t for you or if you live with a spouse, roommate, or children—you can still delegate!  Chore charts and schedules are not just for kids! Assigning household duties to your family or roommates will greatly reduce your workload. Live alone? Try bartering services with a friend; maybe your friend loves to cook but hates doing laundry and you’re the opposite. Either way, utilizing your family or friends can be a cost-effective way to manage your home and life.

You already do so much every day, why overextend yourself when help is so accessible? Whether you book on-demand services or delegate chores to your family, you deserve to reward and invest in yourself. If occasionally spending a few dollars means more time with family or pursuing that passion project,  it just might be the soundest investment of all.