Check out our shop that contains products and programs to support you in your Clutter Healing® journey!

Giving our clients permission to let go of what is no longer serving them emotionally, physically and spiritually is at our core. Teaching others to BE organized versus GET organized is a very important piece of living a conscious organized life. Every decision we make carries an energetic frequency. Our home environment is a physical expression of our actions and beliefs.

Clutter Healing® not only heals homes and spaces, but also improves lives by using a combination of compassionate education, non-judgmental space holding, conscious consuming education and promotion of non-toxic products. We love to support clients who desire to live in alignment with their values. This is reflected in our shop, here we only offer products we would use ourselves. While we do promote less “stuff” in your life as a general rule, we do believe it is good to have some things that you love and can help you heal.

Within reason, of course.

We hand-select and source products that meet these requirements, and offer them to you on the website. Out hope is that it relieves you of the burden of researching and potentially getting caught up in analysis paralysis.

Shop inventory changes constantly, as the products we offer are typically specialized and unique. Due to this, we do not always have back stock on hand, but if it is on the site it is available. If you like it, don’t wait!