How to Shop Consciously

Shopping consciously and holiday gift giving can be challenging but they don’t have to be. In this blog, you will learn 5 simple ways you can start shopping consciously during the holiday season and beyond. 

Gifting is a beautiful gesture to show appreciation for those we love. The act of giving has less to do with the gift and more to do with the intention behind the giving. 

Here is your invitation to investigate how much time and energy you will spend on shopping and how much time you will spend being present with yourself and those you love. 

1. Shift your mindset

A simple way to start conscious shopping and gift giving is to change your focus from presents to being present. Forget about all the social pressures and everything commercialized holidays have taught you, and think about what you would like this holiday season to look and feel like. 

If your focus is on being present with loved ones, what activities or experiences would enhance that?

A few examples might look like: story-telling or looking at family photos around a fire, making a meal together, going on a hike, playing a game or putting together a puzzle. Note that none of these options require physical gifts. Experiences that lead to creating memories tend to make a greater impact on your overall mood whereas a physical gift may not have as big of an emotional impact. 

2. Align your purchases with your Values

Knowing your Values might be the number one way you can begin to eliminate clutter from coming into your life. Clutter comes in many forms – relationships, schedules, physical items, emotions, etc. If you haven’t determined your Values yet, check out this exercise to find and align with those that are the most important to you.

3. Pause before each purchase

Before you hit the purchase confirmation button on any shopping cart, take a moment or even a few days, or weeks, to sit with it. If you keep coming back to the item as something that you desire, then go for it! Oftentimes sitting on a purchase for a few days instead of purchasing on impulse will allow the time and space you need to align your purchases with focused attention and solid intention.   

4. Ask yourself if the purchase is getting you closer or further away from your home organizing goals?

A simple way to check-in before your next purchase is to scan your Values list and check in with any feelings you hold about your home. If your next purchase will derail your home organization goals, is it worth it? Consider how you want your home to feel upon waking up every morning, remind yourself of that feeling. If buying more stuff adds more stress to your nervous system, tune into the feeling that you want more of and take the steps you need to get you there. 

5. Would it make you happier to give than to get?

As human beings we are hardwired to help. Instead of getting something for yourself this year, consider how you would feel if you gave your time, resources or gifts to someone else. The act of giving often changes us for the better. 

Giving gifts that are in alignment with your values will be felt by the gift receiver! Energy is a two-way street and shopping consciously will enhance your life as much as the person’s life you are exchanging with. 

Check out the Clutter-Free Gift Guide for unique and creative gifts that will keep your friends and families houses free of a re-gift bin. 

Still looking for more ways to break free from clutter and live a more intentional life? The Conscious Consuming Guide is a great place to start your decluttering journey! More questions? Connect with me here.