8 Ways to Reconnect to Your Home Again

Stuck at home? Here are 8 easy ways to reconnect to your home and stay grounded!


Smoke clearing with your favorite botanicals kills 94% of airborne bacteria! New to smoke clearing? Here is a beautiful Smudging and Blessings Book.

Don’t have sage but have an oil diffuser? Put a few drops of this brightening and calming blend in and let the scent waft gently through your home.



As someone who generally goes to a workout studio 3-5 times a week, moving my body is key to my well-being. Dancing and jumping around in my house is going to have to be my new medicine for awhile. Get your speakers ready! You can access a fun playlist here. I’ll keep adding tunes to it as I feel called.


While you’re at home, you might as well get more organized, aka reconnect to your home! Clearing the physical clutter will help eliminate additional stressors and worry. Most of us don’t have time to deep dive into our closets and pantries but the silver lining in this is that you now do!

There are so many quick things you can do to create more space:

  • Pantry – I created a video with lots of tips!
  • Closet – remove and donate the clothing and accessories you haven’t worn or used in the last year
  • Junk Drawer – dump your junk drawer and either find homes for the items that don’t need to live in there, toss/recycle what you can and make a donate pile

You can make a game out of how many things each person in your household can find to donate or trash!

Want to get organized but can’t do it by yourself? Check out my Virtual Organizing Package to get you started!

Reconnect to your home, and your closet

There are so many ways to play! Dust off that Monopoly game or Ouija board…play charades or put on your own play with your kids…play cards or check out these inspiring Medicine Cards.

Want to get more creative? Try and remember your favorite arts and crafts projects you did as a child, and do that project with your kids or partner. You can also create fun home movies right from your cell phone. You’ll have some wonderful videos to look upon years from now and laugh.


Go through old pictures (digital or physical) and start creating your family tree. Most people desire to do this yet never make the time. If you have children you can tell stories about their ancestors to keep the lineage alive!



Spring actually begins March 16th so the time to create an intentional altar is perfect! You can read all about my process!


7. Meditate + BREATHE

Meditation is a simple way to get grounded. Not sure where to start? Try this simple meditation.

You can also stay up to date on my breathwork class offerings. I’ll be holding space for a Virtual Breathwork Circle with Spirit + Ceremony on Saturday, March 21st at 11am PT.

Reconnect to your home


Everything outside your home is part of your home, too…your backyard, your garden, the sidewalk, the neighborhood, the world…it’s all connected.

You can put your feet in your grass, hug a tree in your backyard or take a quick walk around the block. Even looking up at the clouds for a few moments gets us out of our heads and into a more calm state.

Changing up your environment even only for a few minutes is also known to boost productivity. So if you are attempting to do some organizing around the house during this time, changing up what you a looking at is a huge win.

Need something to do at night? Get on the roof or sit in the yard and watch the moon and stars (try the Night Sky app to see an amazing 3D map of the sky). You’ll soon remember that life is all about perspective.

IN summary, if you have the time—which most of us do now—it is powerful to reconnect to your home in a way that is fulfilling, loving and fun. I hope you have success with this and make the best of your time.