5 Areas You’re Forgetting To Clean Right Now


Whether it’s out of forgetfulness or procrastination, there are some home areas that are consistently neglected in the cleaning process. Consider this a friendly reminder to check your:



1. Junk Drawer
Every couple of weeks, give your junk drawer a good shake down. Dump the trash, put foreign objects where they belong, and make sure that you aren’t simply keeping a drawer full of things you don’t want to think about. For more advice see our article about catch-all spaces here.




2. Washing Machine/Dryer
It helps you clean your clothes, but how often does the machinery get the same consideration? Before you do your next load, finish a thorough wipe down of your washer and dryer. I’m betting you’ll be surprised at what has accumulated over time.



3. Keyboard/Remote/Cellphone
Your fingers carry all kinds of dirt and oil, and if you’re not careful they can leave your handheld technology grimy. People forget to clean these places, but it’s extra important to remember for the things you share with others, like the remote. Be sure to wash your hands throughout the day (hopefully you already do so), and then use special electronic cleaner or wipes to get your devices sparkly clean.




4. Window Runners
It’s hard to overlook a really dirty windowpane, but what about the nooks and crannies? The runners in your windows can accumulate a lot of dust and debris over time. Windex (or a natural alternative, like this one by the Honest Company) and a washcloth should get that right out!




5. Ceiling/Corners
Many of us avoid cleaning our ceilings, especially if they’re waaay up there. 12-foot ceilings are nice to live with, but not the easiest to clean. Neglecting those tough corners can make indoor allergies worse, not to mention they’re home to wandering spiders. Look at all the places dust can get trapped in a custom ceiling like the one above. Ick! So whether you need to get a ladder or just an extendable tool, make sure you don’t keep putting off the problem. Tackle it now and sleep better at night!

Pro Tip: One way to avoid missing problem spots is to keep a running checklist, with the date of the last instance you performed each chore! And of course, check back with us frequently for more home organization advice.