Facing Your Junk Drawer

Do you have a junk drawer?

Maybe it’s more like a junk cabinet, or even a junk room, that you always tell yourself you’ll get to later. Are there piles of paper, clothing, or toys that go unattended for weeks? This seemingly innocuous place could be a big source of dead energy in your life. Christine Hassler, author of “The Expectation Hangover” teaches her students that when they hold onto something too tightly (like the comfort of a dump-it drawer) they create a block in their lives and there is no room for flow to occur around it. Luckily Clutter Healing has a couple of simple, effective strategies to help balance your life and achieve better flow.


First thing’s first: you need to assess the situation. Maybe there’s only one little drawer that you use as a “catch all” space. But use a critical eye to find the other places you may be neglecting: are you storing the things you don’t want to address in the garage, or do you leave things to sit out on the table? Make a list of the places where you tend to leave things when they have no other home, or you simply don’t want to deal with them. Any area of your home that is being neglected can cause a block, and when we allow these blocks to exist we are limiting our opportunities in life. Every day is an opportunity to allow new experiences and new things to enter our lives, but how can they come in if they have nowhere to land, nowhere to call home?


Once you have your list, try our simple solution: take everything out of the junk drawer (or table) and place the contents in their own box for 30 days. Each time you use something from the box, place it back in the “junk” drawer. At the end of the 30 days whatever is left in the box that hasn’t been used should be donated, recycled or trashed. If you haven’t used it in 30 days, you probably never will! The rest can remain in your drawer and you will have a much easier time with its basic organization. (See our Pinterest page for some creative ideas!)


Once you’ve addressed your energy blocking junk drawer, you will start to feel the energy flowing around you as it should. Take a deep breath and enjoy it! And if you need to, look to Clutter Healing for more tips on energy and organization.