Your Home Office Can Be Zen, Too!

Often times the office is where we let functionality take precedence over aesthetic. Cords, papers, and projects can add up to one cluttered, anxiety-inducing mess. But luckily, we have a few easy methods to make your work space as livable and peaceful as the rest of your home!

1. Conceal Cords- It’s amazing how much of a difference hiding your cords can make in your work space. There are a hundred different cord-disguising options out there (Thanks, Pinterest!): from drilling small holes in your wall or desk for them to live, to using a fabric curtain, or even a customizable rubber casing. One of our favorites is quick and inexpensive: use a binder clip mounted just under the surface of your desk to steer cords where you want them. wikiHow has a full tutorial here:

2. Futuristic Filing- We’ve recommended some amazing photo scanners before, but scanning is also a great option for getting rid of the physical mess that takes up valuable room in your office. The Neat Company lets you scan everything from invoices, to receipts, to mail and send them to your financial programs, or keep them saved on their cloud server. You can even use your phone as a scanner!

3. Get Vertical- Vertical space can be over looked in offices, but using wall space to house your books, binders, and supplies lets you free up much needed real estate on your desk. Whether you choose shelves, or hang things independently, it will create a more streamlined look for your home office.

4. Sentimental Extras – Who says your office has to be all business? Once you’ve cleaned up, take time to add a few personal touches– a lamp with soft light, pictures of the people or places you care about, even a simple scented candle (a safe distance away from any cords or papers) can make you feel more relaxed, comfortable, and capable.