What To Do With Unwanted Gifts

We are in the gift giving season  and with that we often end up receiving things we don’t want, need or won’t use. In this post I’m going to share what to do with unwanted gifts so they don’t end up being clutter in your home or trash in the landfill. 

Want to know how to remove unwanted gifts from your precious mental and physical real estate?

Here are my top 4️ solutions for what to do with gifts you receive but don’t actually want:

🎁Re-gift it

Maybe a coworker, family member, friend, or neighbor surprised you with a gift you didn’t expect. You can hold on to those unexpected gifts in what we like to call a “gifts to give bin.” When the need for a gift comes up check your bin and see if anything will work. It’s recommended to revisit this bin annually and donate what you haven’t been able to rehome. 

↩️Return it

If the item came with a gift receipt or you know where it’s from, take it back and exchange it for something you actually want and need. Many stores will accept an exchange without a receipt. 

💵Sell it

Offer to your friends, family or list on your local online marketplaces.

👐Donate it

Check within your community who might benefit or enjoy the item. You can also list on your local facebook Buy Nothing group

What was the most unexpected gift you received? I’m so curious. You can email me right here and  tell me about something you’ve been having a hard time releasing. I’m serious. I love hearing your stories and connecting with you.

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