What To Do Before You Move


There’s a hefty to-do list that comes with moving. Even if you’re staying in the same area, there are about a thousand things to do before you get to sit down and relax in your new home. But the good news is that moving is also an awesome opportunity for you to get more organized, and if you follow our tips you’ll be able to let go of the unnecessary clutter in your life and make moving an easier, happier process.


1. Evaluate Your Stuff
As you start to pack up your life, make sure you aren’t simply shoving things in boxes without considering first if you really need them. Ask yourself Clutter Healing’s favorite critical questions: Is it useful? Is it efficient? Is it beautiful? Use them as a guide to help you discard things you haven’t used in years, things you don’t have any significant attachment to, or things that are worn or broken. Try thinking of your new home almost like a trophy case: only the most useful, sentimental, and beautiful things should go there. Everything else is just in the way!
2. Have A Garage Sale
Now that you have your best possessions separated from the rest, plan a garage sale to help you let go of your old things. It will put a smile on your face to see your items go to a happy new home, and you can even use the proceeds to help with the move if needed.
3. Pay It Forward
Once you’ve had your garage sale, take what’s left to a local charity so that others in need can benefit from your purge. If you have a lot of things, consider donating to several different charities. Goodwill is a common choice, but there are a lot of great alternative options out there too. Children’s toys and supplies can go to charities like Baby2Baby, pet supplies can be donated to your local animal shelter, and old clothes can go to the National Council of Jewish Women, to be recirculated through their thrift shops. Not only does getting rid of your old things help you make room for the new, it lets you help the community around you too!
Once you’ve done these things, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that the clutter and mess from your old house hasn’t followed you to this one. You still have what you need and what cherish most, but now you’ve made room for the amazing new experiences and memories that are headed your way in your new home!