Two Reasons You Can’t Stay Organized

I love showing people how simple being organized and staying organized can be. We all aspire to have Pinterest worthy looking pantries and closets but sometimes we are simply too tired to tidy, right?

There is a saying out there that I never ever get tired of seeing:

Being organized is just that! It does take A LOT of energy and when you feel too tired to put things away then don’t! But do take a nap, do some breathwork, meditate, take a short walk, lie on the earth. Let your body, mind and spirit recharge and then pick back up where you left off.

The two reasons you are more than likely not staying organized comes directly from the holy grail of organizing, Marie Kondo, author of “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.”

1. The object doesn’t have a designated home

We all know that clutter accumulates when we simply have too many things and not enough space. It’s doubly difficult to keep our homes looking put together if we don’t have a clearly defined space for each of our collections. Your current systems may have to shift as new items come into your life. Make sure that each and every thing has a place to call home. That may mean releasing a few older or no longer necessary items. When you know where it goes, your home stays in order. 

2. It’s too difficult to put it back after using it

Make picking up your space as streamlined and simple as humanly possible. If you’re not going to file fold your underwear that’s ok by me. Just designate a space in a drawer or a basket and toss them in!

The only items that should take effort to put away are things that are used seasonally (ie. holiday decorations up in the attic). Give yourself the gift of grace and make putting things back simple.

If you have either or both of these things working against you, having an organized home will feel like running a marathon without a finish line.

Make sure your systems align with how you actually live and that they work for you not against you.