Two Organizing Products That Work In Almost Any Space

Organizing content, whether a TV show or social media posts, is often centered around the organization product. While product can be a very important piece of the puzzle, the right product is what makes all the difference.

With so many products out there claiming to change your space and your life it is easy to get overwhelmed. 

I’m sharing two of my favorite @idlivesimply products because they simply work! Not only do they help set-up smart systems, they are also kind to the earth. 

Let me show you how I used two sustainable products in a recent project with the lovely Christine Lakin

Why iDesign?

When I first founded Clutter Healing®, I wasn’t aware of how my passion for the planet would become part of the company’s ethos. From getting the donations into the right hands to choosing sustainable products as often as we can, we organize every space with the earth in mind. 

I’ve been a brand partner with iDesign for a little over 4 years. As a leading brand in the world of home organizing products, they are committed to becoming more sustainable. The company began primarily offering plastic bins and have evolved to offer a variety of products made out of sustainable materials such as metal, bamboo and most recently, paulownia wood.

This year, iDesign has committed to transition all of their plastic products to 100% post-consumer recycled plastic by 2025.

Image by iDesign

Why these bins are essential in Christine’s space

Last summer Christine Lakin began her Clutter Healing® journey by organizing her kitchen, mudroom and pantry. Her mudroom was full of art + party supplies that weren’t really being used due to a lack of accessibility. In an interview, Christine shared that she would often repurchase items she couldn’t find. As we were editing we discovered many duplicates she didn’t know she had. 

The 16’’ linus bin was a super star in that round of organizing, and it continued to shine when we went back for the primary closet and bath. You can catch up on how we used this bin in her mudroom and pantry here and here.

Christine’s primary bath- under the sink

Why the iDesign kitchen bin works wonders

  1. Utilizes all the depth of those super deep areas where we tend to lose things, such as under most bathroom and kitchen sinks.
  2. Three width options make them an expert at containing a plethora of items.
  3. The built-in handle makes the product slide in and out of a space easy so you can access your things quickly and put them away just as fast.
  4. They are great to use in spaces where things might spill or get wet. Think laundry room, bath and kitchen. 
  5. You can label right on the bin and there is no need to purchase a secondary label holder.
  6. The clear plastic material allows for easy identification of your inventory.

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Why the paulownia wood products are the “IT” bins

  1. They are lightweight yet sturdy, making it easy to put up and down if storing things up high like we did in Lakin’s closet.
  2. Built in handles to easily slide in and out or move around when needed.
  3. Available in six sizes, you can use them in drawers or on shelves.
  4. The natural wood and black color options seamlessly flow with most home design styles.
  5. Paulownia is the fastest growing hardwood and therefore much more sustainable than other options like plastics or bamboo.

Why you should follow along

I’m sharing my two go-to bins with you as they are versatile, but it’s important to note, when looking for organization products you should always assess your specific needs, measure your space and measure again.

Follow along on instagram to watch more details of her transformation using iDesign products.

You can also watch to our live chat where Christine talks about how she has changed her relationship with consuming and how her motherhood journey has had a positive affected how she views home organization.