Tips For a Stress-Free Travel Experience

Summer is in full swing and with any luck you have a few getaways planned.

When we manage all that we do in our daily lives, sometimes going away can seem like another stressful thing on the to-do list. But taking time off and getting out of your routine should be FUN not STRESSFUL! 

I’m sharing a few of my favorite ways to keep the packing light and ensure that the unpacking happens in a timely fashion so that you have a stress-free travel experience.


  1. Make a packing list – If you need help getting started, download my packing checklist here
    • Write down everything you need and check each item off as you pack them into your suitcase, even those you think you would never forget (ex. phone charger).
    • Note all your personal care items, vitamins and medications.
    • Travel documents.
    • Anything special to this particular trip – wedding, birthday, etc.
  1. Clothing and accessories
    • Bring clothing pieces that can be worn interchangeably.
    • Choose a color scheme – neutrals that easily mix + match with a statement pop of color or print
    • Lay out outfits to visually see what works together.
    • Shoes – keep them versatile. Select footwear that can be worn in various scenarios.
    • Pro tip – If you’re flying, wear the bulkiest pair of shoes on the plane as well as any clothing items like a sweatshirt or jacket to save room in your suitcase.

Not sure what to wear on your trip? See this video on questions to ask yourself when editing your closet which can be helpful when packing not only for a vacation but for any kind of travel!

  1. Check to ensure that luggage is in good working condition – wheels, handles, zippers
  2. How to pack a suitcase
    • Roll clothes vs flat pack – it’s really up to you! See video tutorials below ⬇️
    • Use breathable bags to keep categories together like underwear, pajamas, etc. 
      ➡️Using these bags helps keeps categories together and the compression maximizes space
    • Pro Tip – anticipate that you will forget to pack something and set aside a bit of your travel budget toward necessities. It’s part of the adventure! 
Roll Packing
Flat Fold Packing


  1. Unpack as soon as possible– the longer you wait, the more clutter that will accumulate. Unpacked bags seem to attract other delayed decisions. Trust me, we see this all the time in people’s houses. It’s a vibe. You are not alone!!!
  1. Give yourself a deadline for laundry 
    • Taking a vacation after your vacation might be what you are feeling upon returning home, however, getting the laundry done can be equally rewarding as that trip you just took! Plus you won’t waste time looking for your favorite tee shirt because it will already be back in its home once all the laundry is complete.
  1. Store your suitcases and travel accessories
    • Store travel bags and suitcases inside one another to save space.
    • Designate a bin for other travel accessories like toiletry, shoe, garment bags, neck pillows, eye covers, blankets, travel adapters, etc.
    • Evaluate: did you need all the suitcases/bags you took? Keep this in mind for the next trip and make a potential edit pile.


  • Start planning earlier than you think you should.
  • Use a packing list + double check it!
  • Schedule time to pack and put things away upon return.

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