Three Quick Tips: Organizing Your Refrigerator

Need some help making the most of your fridge space? These simple tricks will save you time and make food preparation a snap!
1. Color Coordinate your Tupperware- We strongly recommend using clear containers in your fridge so that you can always see what you have. Take it one step further and designate one color for leftovers, for each person’s lunch, or just for different kinds of snacks. The Container Store has lots of options, so have fun with it and get creative!
2. Shop Smarter- Take a quick picture of your fridge before you head out grocery shopping, this will let you see how much room you have left to work with, as well as keep you from buying any duplicates.
3. Keep Snacks In A Basket- This tip is especially useful if you have kids, so that you can designate one particular area for them to go to when they’re feeling snacky- and it only has the things you’ve already decided are acceptable! But this tip is handy for anyone – you probably already have a fruit or veggies drawer, but you can make and label as many baskets as you like to keep your food easy to reach for. (And it’s extra easy to see when you need to refill!)