The Perfect Time to Organize Your Garage Is Now

Let’s talk about why now is the perfect time of year to organize your garage and how to do it! 

Hopefully, wherever you are in the world the weather is cooling off a bit and you still have the advantage of the sun being up later in the day. I’m in sunny Los Angeles, where the sun is mostly on our side all-year-long. If you know the weather will inhibit you from working in your garage come winter, right now is the perfect time to reorganize your garage! 

Also, parents might have more pockets of time to schedule an organizing project now that the school routine is in full swing.

Garages can become a dumping ground for things especially if you are not actively going in and out of the garage on a regular basis. The saying, “out of sight out of mind” definitely sums up this space! 

Make it your goal this early fall to organize your garage and begin the holiday season with a clear space to store those extra presents or things any guests might need to store while they visit.

The goal

In this garage organization task, the goal is simply make this space more user friendly for you and anyone else who shares the space. You don’t have to do a deep dive into decluttering every single nook and cranny, however, you can if you have the time and space for it. 

For this garage project, focus on returning any items you may have piled up in a corner, drop off or schedule donation pick ups for items you had set aside to release, and give those random items a permanent home.

How to

  1. Understand the goal – how do you want your garage to function, look and feel? Make a list of all the items you need to store in the garage – don’t forget to include your vehicles. If you need to park your car(s) in the garage plan accordingly. You might consider using blue tape on the floor to accurately visualize the dimensions of your car(s). 
  1. Make a date – if the thought of organizing and editing your garage has caused many sleepless nights, know that you are not alone. Clutter creates a mental load that can be energetically exhausting. Set a date and stick to it. Once you decide when you are going to organize, my hope is that you will feel less anxious about it.
  2. The Edit – Identify what doesn’t belong in your garage. Sort and create piles of all items that are ready to be relocated – items to go in the house, returns, donations, recycling, giving to or returning to a friend, etc.
  3. Categorize – Designate islands for the different functions your garage serves. For example, one island may be for holiday decor, another island is for kids’ sports bags and another might be for memorabilia or home building supplies.  
  4. Use your space wisely – Evaluate what you are keeping in the garage and where it will be best stored. Do not forget about overhead storage rack options and hanging things on the walls. When you can see your inventory in one fell swoop you are more likely to use what you have as well as recognize when something hasn’t been used in a very long time. 
  5. Maintain – Carving out a set time every quarter to maintain and evaluate your garage space is key to keeping things in order. I recommend you put the dates in your calendar around the transitions of the seasons right now. 
  6. Enjoy, admire + celebrate your hard work! The integration process is one that is often overlooked as humans tend to focus on what wasn’t accomplished or needs to be better. Bonus points if you are up for making a gratitude list of all the amazing accomplishments you just made!  

Organization product

I’ve compiled a list of my top garage organization products for you here. If you are unsure of what items might work for you, think of it this way:

  • Sealed Bins– anything that should be weather protected (photos, linens, paperwork, memorabilia, etc.)
  • Crates– utilities or cleaning back stock items
  • Free standing shelving units – to maximize all vertical space + depth 
  • Hooks – to get things off the ground; brooms, mops, umbrellas, strollers, etc.
  • Mini Countertop Storage Drawers– small tools, household utilities or craft supplies
  • Overhead racks – holiday decor, lesser used items like backpacking gear or old taxes 
  • Wall mounted shelving – to utilize vertical space but leave floor room open for bikes, sport or gym equipment