Staying Organized + Preparing For Back to School

How good does it feel to finish something before the deadline? The full body exhale after completing a task is one of my favorite feelings. I want you to get ahead of this year’s back to school prep so you can feel on top of things and more at ease. I’m sharing a few ways you can transition into the school year with ease and stay organized. 


Here are 4 things you can try now to make the start of the school year 

  1. Get the school supplies early!
    • Don’t wait until there are no more #2 pencils left and all the “cool” spiral notebooks are gone. You can minimize you and your child’s stress by getting school supplies early. Bonus: pack the backpack once you have the supplies!
  2. Edit your child’s closet
    • Take out all clothing, shoes, socks, etc. and let go of what no longer fits or is damaged. Make a note of what needs to be replaced for the upcoming school year.
  3. Start your routine
    • 2 weeks before school starts practice school-like schedules: bed times, morning routine, screen-free time, meal planning and prepping, etc.
  4. Keep the Summer fun alive
    • Even though school is back in session that doesn’t mean you can’t keep some of the summer activities on rotation. Plan to eat dinner outside one night a week until the weather permits or make s’mores. Remember to keep fun rituals as a part of your new school routine. 


The shift in routine can easily throw you and your family off track. Stay organized by implementing these simple habits:

  1. Get dressed the night before
    • Not really but you know what I mean. Select a head to toe outfit with your child the night before.
  2. Who’s hungry? 
    • I swear by meal prepping one day per week so that no one gets hangry. You can portion out snacks in these biodegradable baggies and make a grab and go section in your pantry. 
  3. When you see it, you believe it!
    • Place a whiteboard calendar in an area where everyone can see it and note all school events, holidays and activities. If you have multiple children you can color code for each child. Keeping this updated is vital to a well organized household and mind! 
  4. Drop it like it’s hot
    • Designate a “drop zone” for your child’s backpack, shoes, sports/activity bags.  Think: basket, hook or a drawer/cabinet. Nothing more frustrating that having a huge pile of bags blocking a doorway. 
  5. Make time for what matters most
    • I always encourage folks to put things away as soon as possible. The 5-10 minutes you spend putting things away after school will make a huge impact on your morning routine. Empty the lunch box, wash the water bottle, empty any dirty laundry from gym bags, etc.

Above all, give yourself grace! Changes in our daily lives and routines can often cause stress, stay ahead of this by being prepared and preparing your child for the change. 

I’m also sharing my BTS must-haves here if you are looking for a drop zone basket or just need some inspiration for things that might work for you and your family. 


School is in session now, but as we all know, the holidays and school breaks seem to come on almost immediately. Hello Labor Day!

These are my top recommendations for school breaks that are two weeks or less:

  1. Keep the morning routine and bedtime schedule somewhat the same. 
  2. Be as flexible as you can with naps or lunch times to enjoy each day more freely. 
  3. Plan activities to keep your kiddos physically active and mentally stimulated. 

Science has proven that it takes humans roughly 30 days to form a new habit. I would not recommend trying on a new lifestyle change during any of the breaks that are less than 30 days in length. 

The seasonal shifts and changes will continue to cycle through each and every year. I encourage you to lean into the ways that Mother Nature shows us when to stay up a little later vs get in bed earlier. The more we are able to focus on the natural rhythm of the seasons, the easier it is to create a schedule that flows for us. 

Do your best to make back to school fun, creative and calm. As they say, the days are long but the years are short. Savor as much of it as you can. Good luck!