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Sacred Space is an online practical action + spiritual guidance program to support clearing the clutter in your life and home. At the end of the course, you and your home will feel lighter and more equipped to take on the rest of this year. 

My intention with this journey is to share with you how I move through my life + keep myself organized. As a healer, mother, entrepreneur and spiritual enthusiast I can assure you this is not about adding more tasks and to-do’s to your already full plate, but rather an opportunity to clear out the clutter in a whole new way.

Who is this for?

  • Your life + home are deeply feeling the effects of our new normal and aren’t sure how to navigate that we aren’t ever “going back” to the way things were
  • You find yourself repeating the same organizing “mistakes” + notice a pattern of resistance and anxiety when it comes to decluttering
  • You recognize that your go-to patterns are messy. The coping mechanisms that used to soothe you are no longer sustainable – your house is overflowing and you are ready to take inspired action to create lasting order
  • You crave more ease, abundance, creativity, clarity + joy
  • It’s time to complete certain relationships, take care of unfinished business and let go of physical items in order to expand your life force energy
  • You are a busy parent or business owner with a lot of responsibilities and desire more tools + structure to keep you calm, grounded and present
  • You understand that lasting change starts with consistent doable action steps –  you are ready to shift your mindset, hold yourself accountable and master your mess
  • You are ready to clear the clutter, fine tune your energy, stop recycling emotions and create flow so that your life + home hum with energy and become a nest of nourishment every single day

“It helped me up front to identify my “why” for being there.  And even at that moment, it was only superficial. By the end, the “why” had become unequivocally “for myself.” I did see the results I needed. As it turned out I was initially looking for the wrong results. Yes I got the organizational needs. But the personal growth – recognizing internal clutter – and beginning steps to clear this out – was of the highest value.”

– Lee W., Sacred Space Student

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