Releasing and Rituals for a New Year

Some believe that the way they spend the first day of the new year sets the stage for how the rest of the year will go. I’ve always liked that concept and have found myself setting aside time the day before and the day of a new year making space for rituals. 

If any part of this does not resonate, feel free to take what you like and leave the rest. My intention is to simply share what nourishes me so that some part of it may comfort and nourish you in an ever-changing and unpredictable world.  


  1. Clean + organize your space – Look in places like under your bed, or your corner cabinets. Clear the unkempt spaces to release stagnant energy and welcome new openings into your life. Adding a selenite wand to the windowsills of spaces like bedrooms + living rooms is one way to keep the energy flowing all year long. I wrote another post about how to simplify the organizing process here.
  2. Take a bath to promote what you want – As the water drains down the pipes, visualize the water taking away any pieces of the past year that no longer serve you.
  3. Set intentions + goals – This can be done anytime, personally, I like practicing this ritual the week leading up to the new year. I look over my intentions from last year, review my goals, record my reflections in my journal, then set new ones. Pro tip: light a candle, spritz lavender or wild orange essential oils to aid with this practice.
  4. Burn away what you want to leave behind – Write down what you want to leave behind and burn it. I do this on New Year’s Day with my family at the beach. We dig a hole in the sand, light the paper on fire, then pour ocean water over the flames. Fire to purify. Water to cleanse. Always done by first asking permission from Mother Nature to use her precious resources.
  5. Plan something beautiful for the first day of the year – This can be anything from a yummy breakfast to driving somewhere to watch the sunrise or sunset. An evening or morning meditation with a comforting eye pillow is one of the ways that I personally start the first day of the year.

Journaling is a beautiful way to get the thoughts and feelings up and out when you are feeling stuck about the future. I love starting with fill-in-the-blank style prompts to get the momentum going then dive into the more open-ended ones. Here are a few sample prompts for you to try.


When I see a fulfilled and spacious version of myself I am__________.

Today I’m releasing______which feels________.

I believe that anything is possible because___________. 

I make space for _______and realize my life is unfolding exactly in the ____timing. 

Today I choose__________ which creates more space in my mind, body, heart, home and ____________.

The story I am done with is_________.

The life I am ready to birth looks like_________.


  1. Looking back over 2021, what did I learn the most about myself?
  2. When I step into 2022 I’m leaving behind….
  3. The word I would like to embody in 2022 is… because it makes me feel…

As we start a new year, it’s the perfect time to reflect, care for ourselves + our space as well as set intentions that will have a lasting impact.

I’d love to learn more about how you usher in the new year. Let’s connect in the comments below! 

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