Quick Tip: Pantry Portions!

The pantry can be a hard area to organize. You use it every day, various people shuffle around the items, and half empty boxes often end up shoved in the back. But here’s a helpful tip to keep it under control: When you buy snacks in bulk (like a box of crackers or big bag of sea salt chips) one way to make things easier on yourself is to separate out snack sized portions in little baggies or small glass containers. If you’re going the bag route, we strongly recommend a reusable or biodegradable option, like these: http://letsgogreen.biz/pages/plastic/wrap.html.

Once individually packaged, you can store them in a handy box or a see through container. This keeps things neat but also has the added benefit of ensuring that it’s fast and easy to grab only what you need. This method makes packing lunches a cinch, and it can also help take the guesswork out of proper portion control for your kiddos and other loved ones.