Products We Love: Xtend Barre (West Hollywood)

At Clutter Healing, we believe in living an authentic life. This includes honoring both your body and spirit, which is why in addition to organizing tips we also give advice about health and wellness. Today, we’ll recognize a business that also believes in taking responsibility for your own wellbeing – Xtend Barre!

This company is amazing, with an astounding 52 locations across 5 countries – including one right here in West Hollywood. That’s a lot of barre!
“At its core, Xtend Barre is about people. I wanted to create a workout that was both challenging and exhilarating so that people don’t just look better, but feel better as well.” Says their founder, Andrea Rogers.

So if you want your body to be on point, it’s time to get en pointe! Grab your grippy socks and let’s see how Xtend Barre stacks up against our Clutter Healing Criteria:

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Is It Useful?
Once you take up any exercise routine, the benefits are boundless. Xtend Barre classes are no exception! They’ll help strengthen your muscles, increase your balance, and tone your body all over. You’ll get more oxygen in your bloodstream, more endorphins to your brain, and of course – you’ll build better endurance! This will help you to be more productive inside or out of the gym. Dance isn’t easy! You’ll be pouring sweat and feeling good in no time. Make sure you bring plenty of water.

Is It Efficient?
Yes! Xtend Barre combines dance, ballet, and pilates, giving you the best benefits of each of these workouts in record time. This blend is especially good for lengthening and toning your muscles, improving posture, and burning calories. This gives you the “dancer’s look” that so many people crave. They’ve got all kinds of classes to try: some with elements of yoga, resistance training, and they’ve even got pre- and postnatal options! Be sure to check your local location to see what they can offer you.
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Is It Beautiful?
Who hasn’t wanted to be a prima ballerina at one time or another? They’re beautiful, strong, and precise. A barre workout lets you indulge in your imaginative side while working on sculpting those qualities. They also have a shop filled with fun, flirty dance clothes to give you that extra pep in your step even after you walk out the door.

Want to Try a Class?
Contact Information:
8254 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, California, 90046 USA
[email protected]