Products We Love: Quilted Boot Shapers

We at Clutter Healing are always looking for the best ways to preserve important items, keep client’s homes organized, and operate our business efficiently. We try the latest and greatest in organizational products to make sure we’re giving our customers what they deserve: the best! Now we want to help you reap the rewards of our hands on research, by delivering useful and concise product reviews. We’ll be asking three important questions of each product we cover: Is it useful? Is it efficient? Is it beautiful? These are queries that are vital to our organizational philosophy, and we’ll be letting you know how your favorite brands stack up.

The Container Store: Quilted Boot Shapers

boot_blog Creasing, scuffs, and warping are a few of the problems you’ll encounter if you aren’t using anything to keep your tall boots upright. If you’re letting yours slouch over, you may be replacing them sooner than you’d planned. Luckily, boot shapers are here to help! They come in all different shapes and materials, and our friends at The Container Store have come up with a quilted fabric version that is guaranteed to please. Their website boasts that they were designed by a professional organizer, and it’s easy to see why; this product is an organizer’s dream! Is it useful? As mentioned above, boot stuffers are an excellent method for preserving the integrity of your shoes. By keeping them upright and away from the other shoes in your closet, these inserts will prevent wear and tear and extend the longevity of your boots. They also give you more closet space by freeing up the room next to them. The soft shape of this particular brand is also malleable, which is great for use in a variety of different kinds of boots. They can squeeze into smaller sizes without stretching the boot, and you could even fold them over for use in a shorter bootie. In comparison, plastic versions can be harsh on the interior of your shoes, and wood, although helpful for catching odors, can still deteriorate over time. Because of this, a fabric option like these is the most widely useful you can get. Is it efficient? Available at your local Container Store for an affordable price, these shapers are easily accessible. There’s no need to wait for shipping or pay exorbitant prices, and for that reason even obtaining this product is efficient. Using the inserts is efficient as well, all it takes to set them up is to open the package and put them where they go! Owning this product will also help you streamline your morning routine, as it will let you quickly view all of your shoe options in their best state. Is it beautiful? One of the best things about this product is that they are easy on the eye. They are a pretty silver color with a satin finish, and aren’t clunky or awkward like some other options on the market. One drawback – as of right now they only come in silver, so if you’re interested in another color this product is limiting. (BagaVie- colors) Overall these boot shapers made an excellent impression on us. They look beautiful in closets, are easy to work with, and keep our client’s shoes in tip top shape. The only drawbacks are that they don’t absorb odor, and they only come in one color for now. That said, Clutter Healing will definitely be using these in the future, and would definitely recommend them to our friends.