Products We Love: Handbag Purse Covers

If you’re letting your handbags rest stacked up on a shelf (or even worse, piled on the floor somewhere) just know: there’s a better way! Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 9.42.24 AM Let’s see how they fit our Clutter Healing Criteria:

Is it useful?

Absolutely! I can’t count how many clients have lost shape or shine in their bags from improper organization. It can be hard, especially if you have a love of bags and dwindling room to store them. But letting purses rub together (especially patent leather purses) destroys their integrity and your investment. It’s about time we got serious about our bag safety- after all, they do carry our whole lives around!

Is it efficient?

While it will initially take longer to get your bags set up and labeled using the organizers, you will more than make up for it when it comes to morning prep time. You can use photos to display exactly what’s in each cover, and if you’re using their purse organizer too, you can now switch between bags with virtually no effort! No more wasting time searching for just the right bag, or the lip gloss you could have sworn was in there somewhere. Keep everything sorted and catalogued with ease!

Is it beautiful?


I truly think these covers are beautiful! The soft, grey cotton is chic yet comforting. And the photo pocket lets you show your bags off like a work of art. Check out this before and after from a client’s house, we think her shelves look much better, and clearer, with uniform bags and photos. But in this product’s case, what’s most important is that it keeps your belongings beautiful, too!