the best diy home hacks, ACCORDING TO 16 INFLUENCERS

Lili partnered with The and fifteen other influencers to share her favorite DIY home hacks.


Lili partnered with The and sixteen other influencers to share what trends she thinks you need to kick to the curb in 2019.


Lili partnered with The and sixteen other influencers to share her favorite trend of 2019.

how to organize your home room by room, part 8: the home office

Lili partnered with to give her tips on how to create an organized home office.

pro organizers can’t get enough of these beautiful home storage tools

Lili Pettit shares her favorite sustainable and beautiful organizing product to Mind Body Green.

The simple reason i hate all my clothes

Always feel like you have nothing to wear? Lili Pettit breaks it down to Who What Wear and how you can prevent it.

Podcast with Laurie palau on this organized life

Lili sits down with Laurie Palau on her podcast, This Organized Life, on breath work and the mind-body connection between clutter and anxiety. Listen here!

Cleaning your home can actually help you cope with depression — experts explain how

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How to Organize Your Home Room by Room, Part 7: The Mudroom

Lili partnered with to give her tips on how to create an organized mudroom.

How to Spring Clean Your Space for Less Clutter and More Self-Care

Girls Night In sat down with Lili for her best tips on how to tackle spring cleaning with intention and self-care in mind.

How to cleanse your home without actually getting rid of anything

Lili shared to The/Thirty alternative ideas to Spring cleaning!

Spring-cleaning 101: Here’s how to stop feeling so attached to your stuff

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how to pack your dress shirts like an expert

Lili spills her secrets to Who What Wear on how to pack delicate clothing, when there isn’t time for ironing.

get over the shame of your desk in 5 easy steps

Lili breaks down how to get your desk-life back together.

The 3 Decluttering Mistakes Everyone Makes

Lili is back on MindBodyGreen, this time talking about the most common roadblocks she sees people run into when it’s time to get organized.  Learn how to avoid them and stay on track here!

Inside Who What Wear CEO Katherine Power’s Perfectly Organized Closet

Lili teams up with Who What Wear again, this time bringing her organizing prowess to Katherine Power’s gorgeous closets (and gives all the insider tips to maintaining them). Get the scoop!

How To Make Decluttering A Spiritual Experience

Lili writes a beginner’s guide to decluttering and staying zen for MindBodyGreen, read the full article here!

The #1 Closet Organization Mistake Almost Everyone Makes

Lili’s latest installment in the Who, What, Wear Guest Expert Organizer series. Here she tackles the age-old problem of desiring a minimalist closet but owning a cluttered, stressful mess…
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Who, What Wear Series

Lili Pettit is now a monthly contributor to a new series all about closet organization. On the last day of each month, they will roll out a new closet-related topic with expert-approved tips and advice from our own Lili PettitJoin the discussion!

5 Ways to Transform Your Closet Into a Pinterest Dream

Lili is once again featured as Organizational Expert over at Who, What Wear… this time turning her sights on your closet. With the high standards set by Pinterest, how do you go about getting attention with your organizing project? What makes for a truly transformed closet space? Check out the latest entry to find out how to turn a regular wardrobe into a stunning space.

Lili Pettit is interviewed for the German edition of “InStyle” magazine. the article focuses on basics for closet organizing, as well as some tips and tricks.