My Online Shopping Trick To Save Money

Don’t get me wrong, I love shopping, and even I need a few boundaries around my spending habits. Even though I practice minimalism and help individuals learn to let go, I do find joy in the “hunt,” finding a great deal and having beautiful things. In fact, our brain produces dopamine—the neurotransmitter that’s emitted when you’re anticipating a reward, and gives us a sense of pleasure.

Online shopping is my main source of purchasing. My schedule is often so full, that going to an actual brick-and-mortar store is a luxury not an everyday occurrence. With so much available within a click or two, going overboard and spending more than you anticipate is definitely a possibility. To prevent this from happening, I add everything that I want to purchase in my “shopping” cart and let it sit. Yup, you heard me. I don’t actually purchase anything on the spot until I’ve sat on it for a few days or sometimes weeks.

In fact, I’ve been sitting on a stunning Hatch jumpsuit for about two months now. I think it’s beautiful. I love the color. I’m still pondering if it’s a good investment. While I’m pregnant now, does it make sense to buy a maternity jumpsuit? Will I wear it a year after I’ve given birth? When something is still on my brain two months after I’ve seen it, I hear a big YES.

Once the items are lined up in my cart, I ask myself a few simple questions:

  1. Do I want this item or do I need this item?
  2. Am I making this purchase at this time to fulfill a deeper emotional need or am I in a good place mentally to make this investment?
  3. How will this item add value to my life?
  4. Will I wake up tomorrow and regret this purchase?

After answering these questions, I get quite for just a moment and listen to any inner wisdom that may want to be heard. If I get quiet, check-in and take a few breaths with my eyes closed, the answer is generally very clear.

If you do happen to have buyers remorse, make sure you know your shop’s return policy. I’m definitely guilty of thinking that I needed something only to return it as soon as it arrives. We are all human after all.

See below for my favorite useful items with amazing return policies! Best of luck investing in all things that fill you up from the inside out.

From left to right: Amazon // Nordstrom // Target // Ikea