Nothing Is “Normal” About The “New Normal”

Almost 6 months into Covid-19 and all of its twists and turns, we’ve seen the term “the new normal” become a part of our 2020 vernacular. But here’s the thing, no part of what we are experiencing is normal.

When we experience a natural disaster it’s much easier to understand and see Mother Nature’s destruction. We see what needs to be repaired or replaced and do what we can to support rebuilding.

With a virus like Covid-19 + conflicting information from our leadership, it’s much more challenging to know how to solve a problem that currently has no tried and true solution.

How do we stay positive and productive during a time of such deep uncertainty?

Here’s what I’ve been doing to support optimal energy flow and getting out of my head and into my heart…

Focus on what’s going well

As a society we focus largely on what’s going wrong. We also tend to commiserate with others in a way that “proves” that everything is going bad. But the truth is we have a choice in every moment to focus on what is going well.


Every morning and every night take a few minutes to focus on 5 things that you have in your life right now. Food? Running water? A job? A home? If you have any of those things you’re most likely doing better than the majority of the people in this country let alone globally.

When you are in appreciation + gratitude more of that energy comes your way.

Continue to keep my home in flow and honor it as a sacred space

I can’t control what’s going on in the world, but I can control how my home looks and feels. Since I’ve been home and not commuting as much to clients’ homes, I’ve actually been able to upgrade and repair a few of the systems + styles of things that we had outgrown.

I’ve also had more time to bless my home and clear it with smoke, update the art with meaningful pieces and start a Shibori dyeing hobby!

Now is the time to have your home work with you not against you. Continue to lean into the power that is available to you in living with less and use this period to examine what systems are asking to be revised.

Phone a friend

One of the quickest ways I get out of a funk is by reaching out and asking how someone else is doing. When we reach out and support others (not from an empty cup of course) we get out of our own suffering even if it’s temporary.

Hey it’s all good to have feelings and down days but staying stuck there and recycling the pattern of depression and hopelessness isn’t great for you or anyone in your inner circle.

All of us are feeling weird, uncomfortable and uncertain about what “to-do.” Can we be productive and supportive by creating community in new ways? Community gardens, swapping recipes, online group exercise classes, womens circles, etc. The possibilities for community + support are endless. Now is the time for creativity!

Move my body + eat well

Comfort food is real but so is a food hangover. Staying physically fit and putting food + drink into our bodies that makes us feel poorly affects our mindset. If we aren’t feeling physically well, it makes everything more challenging.

When you start to feel disappointment, upset or fear try taking a walk around the block before reaching for another glass or wine or a chocolate chip cookie. Treats are important but not at the expense of your health.

My workouts and walks have been something that bring me comfort + keep a routine in place. If you’re used to having structure and have been feeling lost during the pandemic, try starting with one thing that is doable at the same time every day and see what momentum builds from there. I used to go to spin class three days a week outside my home. Now I stick to an online workout on the same days at the same time. Is it the same as seeing my teacher and hearing the loud music live? Nope. But for now I treasure it because it’s what I can do.

It’s also important for me to point out as a reminder for myself and everyone reading this, that if you have your health and access to a wi-fi connected computer, not everyone has that privilege. Something to keep in mind if you find yourself skipping a workout or complaining that the food in your fridge isn’t what you want.

Stop being so hard on myself + do the best I can

I’ve surrendered to the idea that I’m not going to be as productive as I was pre-Covid. It’s very much an AND outlook for me these days.

I get to be a hard working entrepreneur AND take time off to be with my kiddo.

I get to be upset about the state of Mother Earth AND drive a gas car.

I get to feel trapped in my house AND grateful for this time with my family.

Everything is taking longer than expected these days and it’s not going to change over night. Being gentle and looking within is everything right now. I mean, weren’t we all complaining about how we wanted a break? And that everything was moving too fast? Let’s take a moment to appreciate the slow down for what it is and how much it has given us instead of focusing on all the inconveniences.

None of this is “normal,” familiar or comfortable. We are all navigating the best we can but I’m making a conscious choice to feel my way through it and focus on what’s going well. The more we can talk about it and step into supporting one another the stronger we become.