Maintain Your Spring Cleaning In Only 10 Minutes a Day!

You don’t always have all the time in the world to keep your household clean and under control. But after deep spring-cleaning with the help of last week’s guide, you still want to make sure your hard work doesn’t go out the window! We have a handy guide to helping you make it last as long possible:

1. Plan It Out –

Use your 10 minutes wisely. Plan to tackle one or two rooms each day, rotating through so that you eventually get to everything. You know your home better than anyone else, so decide which rooms may need to be visited more or less than others. Before you start, make sure to prepare: grab a trash can, something to use as a donation bin, and a rag with all purpose cleaner.


2. Scan The Room –

Go piece by piece, taking stock of what needs to go where. This will not only guide your course of action while cleaning, but will let you think critically about what you’re using the most, and what hasn’t been touched in ages. Keep in mind that the goal of all Clutter Healing strategies is to keep only what is useful, efficient, and beautiful to you. If it’s none of these things, you don’t need it!


3. Get Moving! –

Once you’ve decided what should go where, get on it! Put trash in the can, items back where they belong, and old or unwanted things in the donation bin. Take your all-purpose cleaner and use it to tackle dust, stains, and rings. Clean and clear surfaces give the room an instant face-lift! Every so often, add a broom to the mix to keep your floors neat as well.

Using these steps, and making your way through the rest of your house, will let even the busiest person keep things in order. Cleaning in small intervals each day also prevents overwhelming clutter build up, and helps you get in the habit of thinking critically about your belongings. Try it today and let us know how this worked for your home in the comments!