Adding These Might Help You Let Go

My breathwork meditation teacher once asked me to sit down and write out the prescription for my wellbeing. He said, “if you were a doctor what would you tell yourself you need to feel free.”

At the time I was struggling with depression, I felt like I didn’t know my purpose and I constantly questioned what I was doing with my life. There were some really dark days ya’ll!

I was frustrated when my teacher asked me to do something that at the time felt like piling more onto my plate but I was desperate for a way up and out.

Looking back, he was giving me the power to decide what made me happy, what I needed to sustain my energy and how I would continue to thrive and help others by creating a support system that worked. I wasn’t looking to outside sources to fix me or complete me. I knew exactly what elements made me stable and those that threw me out of alignment.

Much talk about home organizing centers on products, folding techniques and labels. All those things are wonderful, but I would urge you to first figure out when and how you feel your best first.

Organizing and eliminating life’s excess can be somewhat confronting. Starting from a place where you feel good and grounded is ideal.

While you fine tune your personal list, feel free to use some of the ones I’ve listed below as I do believe most of them to be universally helpful.


Your body needs high quality healthy food and hydration to thrive. I personally had to cut out gluten, sugar and alcohol a long time ago because the mood swings and hangovers were debilitating. Everyone’s body is unique unto themselves. There isn’t a tried and true recipe that works for everyone. Once person thrives as a vegan while another is killing it on a paleo regime.

What does your body need to feel free? Find out what foods fuel you and provide all day energy. You might need to go through some trial and error here to get down what works for you. I kept a food journal for about 3 months and made notes when my energy was low, how I felt after eating certain foods and noted my emotions throughout the day.

Working with a functional nutritionist is another great way to really dial in your specific nutritional needs. I’m currently working with Sheri Levy of Strong Sexy Life to find my path postpartum.


Getting the energy moving in your body is crazy important! Every time I feel stuck, sluggish or frustrated I know that I need to move my body. I’ve exercised since I was in high school and for me there is no better medicine.

There are so many ways to move energy nowadays from breathwork to running to chi gong and yoga. An impromptu dance party in your kitchen also counts!


While I firmly believe that eliminating lifes excess is the key to happiness, it’s vital to take a step back and assess how you are spending your time first.

We don’t get closer to our dreams and goals without setting aside the time to work toward them. Like the old saying goes, “a dream without a plan is just a wish.”

If you are craving more time with the people you love, more down time to be alone, more time for creating a special project or simply enjoying a hobby, carry around a little notebook for a week. Make a note at how your are spending your time every day. You will start to see patterns. Places where your energy leaks out into things that aren’t really important or in alignment with how you want to be spending your time.

If you are rolling your eyes right now with the thought of adding more to your already busy schedule, just pay attention to where the hours get lost. You can redirect your energy, but you need to get really clear on what’s not working first.

Don’t forget that as human beings our number one human desire is connection with other human beings. Studies have proven that being with others promotes better health, longer lives and increased happiness.

All I’m saying is that life is precious. All we have is time. What do you need to feel free? How are you spending yours?

Adopt a pet

One of the greatest gifts I ever gave myself was rescuing my Japanese Chin, Frankie. He was left at a shelter anonymously, adopted by a family and given back the same day and then I eventually found him. We immediately fell in love and he made my house feel like a home.

Having pets brings joy into your home. Pets teach us about unconditional love and can be a bridge to bringing a human baby on board if that’s something you’re after.


Have fun…do the things you love and don’t wait for the “perfect” time. The perfect time is right now not when loose 10 pounds, when you get married or when you have a new house. Go after your dreams and don’t look back.

I’d love to learn a few of the things that help keep your mind, body and spirit balanced and grounded. When we share our insights with one another, group healing happens! It’s so powerful and amazing to witness! I look forward to connecting with you!