How To Let Go Consciously During The Organizing Process

The most challenging part of the organizing process is by far the edit. The push and pull between what to save, what to donate and what to throw out can be scary, intimidating, and overwhelming. 

We worry that…

We might need it someday 

We might have time to read that book, enjoy that hobby

We might not be able to afford it again in the future

We might make our family upset  

Our minds create a million reasons and excuses as to why we must keep something even if we haven’t used it in years. Our minds are also capable of creating new realities, thought forms, and can attract exactly what we need when we need it. 

The Clutter Healing® organizing process teaches us to look at our things with a new set of eyes and tune into the energy of our inner wisdom as we edit. 

It’s not about staying up with the trends or holding on to things because of someone else’s expectations.

Following this simple process works for decluttering your home, your life, your schedule, and your relationships. While the structure of it is simple, you will be doing a lot of heavy lifting, both in your mind and your heart, and hopefully carrying a lot of things out of your home for donation.

As you set-up your home for the holidays and potentially have family + friends over, I want you to feel proud of your space and know where everything lives. I want you to be free of worry or doubt when someone asks you where to find your cheese board or vases. I want you to welcome surprise visitors with open arms because you are free from any shame associated with your home. 


  1. Set your intention – Ask yourself, why do you want to declutter? 
  2. Pick your space or spaces
  3. Set a timeframe for how many days + hours each day you plan to work on decluttering 
  4. Sort items, like with like so you can see each category together 
  5. Step into an abundance mindset- say and repeat to yourself “I have everything I need.”
  6. Choose what stays and what goes by using your intuition 
  7. Decide where your items will be donated + responsibly recycled


The biggest struggle with editing items arises when we keep things that don’t align with our values. When you are clear on your values and have an intention for your editing session, things will go smoother. 

You also don’t have to let go of anything. You can keep everything exactly as it is! Seriously, no pressure from me but I have a hunch that if you are reading this post you probably have a strong desire to let go of a few things in your life. 

Here are a few key questions to ask yourself while decluttering:

  • Would I buy this for full price in a shop today? 
  • Could I borrow something similar from a friend if I needed it again? 
  • Will someone in my community benefit from this donation? 
  • Have I worn it or used it in the last 6 months and will I in the next 6 months? 
  • Does this item carry an energy that makes me feel good? 
  • Does this item resonate with my values?
  • Is this piece worthy of taking up real estate + energy in my closet?
  • Focusing on where I want to be 5 years from now, do I see myself wearing or using this item?


When sorting your items into similar categories, notice how you feel.

Are you breathing?

How does your body feel?

Do you feel energized or tired?

Is there any part of your body that is aching or feeling more open? 

What thoughts are you having about the process, your things and your space?

You can close your eyes and check in at any time. Take breaks, drink water and remember your intention, which is your biggest motivator. 

Your intuition is unbiased and will always tell the truth. Allow it to guide and support you through the decluttering process. 


For many people, connecting with a community that will benefit from your donations + knowing how to properly recycle makes the editing a bit easier. If you know that your things are needed and will be used by others, it’s often easier to see them leave your space. For my earth lovers who worry about properly recycling items, you’d be surprised how many ways we can recycle things from batteries to bras. With a little research you will find that recycling has come a long way. 


This last step is by far the most important. Do a little dance, give yourself a special treat or share your success with a friend, but please please celebrate your accomplishment. We spend way too much time focusing on what we didn’t do and far too little acknowledging what did get done. Whatever the victory, please take a moment to breathe in and celebrate your hard work.