Holiday Kitchen Decluttering Inspo

With 19 days until Thanksgiving and 49 days until Christmas, you might be feeling a little bit of the societal pressure to have your home + kitchen look a certain way. 

I often hear from my community the deep desire they have to live a more spacious and clutter free life, yet overwhelm stops them from starting to declutter.

Well not this year, ok? 

Let’s take the stress, the rushing + the overwhelm out of this holiday season by setting up our kitchens in a way that aligns with what the spirit of the season is truly all about – connection! 

Here’s how we are going to set aside procrastination + overwhelm and simply start decluttering one small step at a time. 


Let’s play a game….

Get up and go into your kitchen. Yes, get up and go do it right now, I dare you!

What do you see? 

How do you feel?  

Kitchens are often referred to as the heart of the home. It seems like no matter how large a home is, everyone ends up in the kitchen together. 

Here are a couple of questions to ask yourself before you start decluttering your kitchen space: 

  1. Is my kitchen working well for ALL members of my household? 
  2. Are you motivated to get in there and create or do you avoid cooking at all costs?
  3. If you feel more dread than joy when you look at the kitchen, what would make it feel more exciting?   
  4. Can you see food or items that inspire you?
  5. Are your everyday use appliances easily accessible?
  6. Are your countertops clear and ready for the creative process of cooking?
  7. Can you easily clean up spills + put away what you’ve used?

My intention here isn’t to stress you out. It’s about feeling into the questions and seeing where you might be able to make some small shifts that will support a more spacious feeling inside yourself and your kitchen. 


If you have things piling up on the counter tops that don’t belong in the kitchen, create a drawer or basket of all the items that need to be relocated. At the end of the day put the items back in their proper homes or better yet, assign the task to a different household member each day of the week. 


Does your refrigerator look like the one on the left or the right? 

A neatly organized refrigerator is not only pretty to look at but also one that most likely prevents food waste. 

I’m sharing my top 3 refrigerator organizing products to help keep all your food and drinks visible and accessible.

  1. Mason Jar + Rust-Free Lid – I love a good ‘ole mason jar especially if they are smooth on all sides and we can easily add a label. While the lids are plastic, I do feel that they last longer than the metal ones that rust. Both are dishwasher safe.
  2. Ikea’s Glass Food Container with Bamboo Lid – These really speak for themselves. All sustainable, the lid locks tight with a silicone seal and again the glass is dishwasher safe.
  3. iDesign 16” Linus Bin – These really are great nearly everywhere! I love these in my fridge because I can utilize the depth of the shelves and group like with like.

All of the above also make practical yet beautiful holiday gifts!


Now that you’ve had a minute to feel into your kitchen set-up and evaluate your fridge organization, it will be easier to see if what you are bringing into your home aligns with your values.

If you are in support of cutting down on food waste in your home, have you created a meal plan that accounts for any leftovers or extra servings? 

Will you be batch cooking and freezing any meals that you may want to have accessible to support your ideal plan of eating? 

If you are hosting for the holidays, what do you plan to do with the leftovers? Are you sending them home with guests? Making soup or stew? 

If you are easily overwhelmed by having others’ things in your space, have you created a space where guests can place their items while they are in town? I’d recommend clearing out a drawer or some space in a laundry room or coat closet to accommodate the temporary items that flow in during the holiday season. 

Lastly, be gentle and kind with yourself as you navigate this holiday season. Remember to take care of yourself and enjoy it to the best of your ability. It only comes around one a year and in the blink of an eye it’s over. 

Here’s to an intentional holiday season not only with your kitchen but with the space you give yourself to simply be.