Harness The Power Of You!

Often times while organizing a client’s closet, we hear them wish for their own personal stylist to tell them how to make the most of their clothes. While we Clutter Healers do a fair amount of recommending what to edit, our decisions are usually based on the condition and practicality of the items.

Luckily, we know of a company right here in LA making a big difference not only in the wardrobes of their clients, but also in their lives! U*styled​, created by CEO Catherine Cassidy, is a styling service that helps you find your true self image, and shows you how to put that knowledge plus your closet to good use: empowering your dreams.

Clutter Healing and U*styled share some key beliefs about trimming down your life to its true essence, and finding a way to function better in this hectic world. Here are a couple of the things that we want to help you with:

1. Finding Your Inner Snowflake

In a professional setting you may need to present yourself in a certain way that is appropriate for the audience, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your personal sense of style. U*styled asks the question: how do you dress as you AND appropriately for the occasion? They’ll help you answer it, too. They believe, and we agree, that feeling like truly, uniquely you will give you the confidence and the impetus you need to take the next steps towards accomplishing your dreams.

U*styled will help you accomplish this through your style, but Clutter Healing also asks you to consider the fundamental question: what is really important to me? We want you to have confidence in all of your things, from closet to pantry. We want you to know that you have what matters most to you, and exactly where to find it.

jewelry_bowl2. Streamlining Your Life

Both U*styled and Clutter Healing want you to succeed – and fast! Using styling and organizational services to help you with efficiency and planning can help eliminate a good chunk of your daily stress.

Instead of wondering if the outfit you scrambled for this morning will impress your boss or prospective client, imagine knowing that you look impeccable, and even better: knowing how to put it all together quickly.

Working with U*styled, you’ll get opinions, tips, and knowledge to help you feel confidence in your style no matter what your hectic schedule holds. And having things clean, color coded, and labeled will make getting ready a snap. This efficiency gives you more time to spend on whatever you choose, whether that’s hobbies, passions, or people!

3. Living Intentionally

Another huge benefit of accepting help from the stylists at U*styled or the organizers at Clutter Healing is to help you live with intention. Living intentionally means knowing what you want in life, whether that means staying positive, being open to romance, or looking for success at work.

Both Clutter Healing and U*styled can help you define your intentions and make room for them to come to you. For example, at CH we remind people that hanging on to boxes of old relationship mementos can keep you from moving on to new horizons. Because of this, we recommend that you let go of what you can and expect to see the space you cleared fill up with love much sooner.

U*styled helps you achieve the things you want in life by helping you dress the part. If your aim is to climb the big corporate ladder, they can help you polish your wardrobe and give you the inner power of confidence to help you make it a reality.

You’re already you, and we love that – we want to help you be the best version of yourself possible, and give you all the tools we have to help you find personal success. Visit UStyled.com to learn more, and be sure to share with your friends in need!