Get More Out of Your Jewelry

Jewelry is a unique expression of who you are: so don’t let yours collect dust! Instead follow this simple guide to getting more use and more happiness from your existing jewelry collection.


    • Sort It Out

The first step to using more of your jewelry is to know what you have. Take everything out and organize it by type, style, or color – whatever feels most natural to you. For smaller items like bracelets, rings or earrings, it’s helpful to use a sectioned box with a clear lid to keep things separate and untangled. You will still be able to see everything inside, minimizing any searching or guesswork you may be used to in your morning ritual.


    • Keep It Fresh

As you go through your things, discard pieces you rarely wear or feel no attachment to. Your style should reflect the things you really love, so don’t let those items that truly resonate with you get buried amongst a pile of blah. If there are pieces with sentimental value but little practical use, it’s okay to keep them in a safe lockbox. Alternatively, you can visit your local jeweler to see if it could be transformed into something new, which is more suited to you.

    • Put It Somewhere Visible

Remember, where you keep your jewelry is where it will most likely stay. If it’s hidden underneath the sink, you are much less inclined to remember what you have and think to pull it out. Make your jewelry a part of your décor instead! If it’s easy to see, it will be that much easier to wear. Use a bulletin board like the one shown to keep all your necklaces where you can see them, or use jewelry stands to keep things nearby and neat. You can check out our Pinterest Jewelry board to find more creative ideas for displaying your collection!

Not only is it practical to follow these tips, saving you time getting ready and finding what you need, but having your jewelry organized and in sight is also inspiring. It lets you see the things that you love every single day, and remember why they mean so much to you. Organizing this way may even inspire you to get more creative with your outfit and jewelry combinations, and help with refreshing your current wardrobe!