Feel the Power of Spring Cleaning

The spring season symbolizes regeneration and renewal: the trees are green again, flowers are blooming, and life itself is coming out of the shell of winter to begin again. So it makes sense that it’s also a time for cleaning out the old and focusing on sprucing up our living spaces once more.

Here are a few ways we recommend to take advantage of this vibrant time of year, and make progress in your home:

1. Refresh Everything!

Take this symbolic time of year to concentrate on your essentials, and get rid of everything else. Think about what you really need, and what is most authentic to you as a person.
Get rid of old sweaters that have seen their last season, go through junk drawers with a strict and critical eye, and let go of old memorabilia that may be holding you back.
It’s also the perfect time of year for a yard sale, so sell what you don’t want and use that money to enjoy the new season!


2. Clean Overlooked Areas

This is what spring cleaning is all about! Get more done than you would in your normal routine, by taking extra time to address areas you don’t usually think of or that are hard to reach.

Wash baseboards and walls, clean underneath your furniture, and get your carpets deep cleaned. The feeling of a deeply cleaned home pairs well with the energy of spring, so embrace the work and get it done!

3. Celebrate the Weather

This is the perfect time of year to bring a little bit of the outdoor environment inside. From bright, decorative hand towels to full vases of flowers, pull a little of that springy sunshine into your home in order to feel more in tune with nature, and more alive! You’ll be surprised how much these little touches can brighten your daily mood.

4. Transition Your Wardrobe

Now that the weather is warming up, take a day or two to pull the heavy coats, sweaters, and layers that you won’t be needing out of your closet. Whether you store them in a guest closet, storage unit, or box in the garage, take care to treat them well.

Use cedar and lavender sachets (like these from Bed, Bath and Beyond) to keep them fresh and free of moths. Without extra bulk taking up space, you’ll be able to pick your spring outfits with ease!


5. Tackle Your To Do List

If you have home improvements piling up on your to do list, take advantage of the good weather and spring spirit to get it done!

Whether it’s painting your house’s trim, restoring your leather furniture, or cleaning out your rain gutter, get all of the things you’ve been meaning to do this year off of that list.

You’ll feel accomplished and relieved of the burden once you’re done, which will let you enjoy the beauty around you that much more.

If you can accomplish everything on this list, you’ll feel refreshed and ready for the seasons ahead. Stay tuned for next week’s post, when we’ll give you some tips for keeping your home spring clean in under 10 minutes!