Start Small 5 Day Decluttering Challenge FREE

Have you been wanting to organize + declutter your space but just don’t know where to start?

The Start Small 5 Day Decluttering Challenge will provide you with the tools, resources + accountability to finally get started!


  • I’ve put together a list of 5 small decluttering tasks that are fun, easy and doable! You will have one full week to get them done!
  • We will kick off the challenge with a live Zoom video call where I will share exclusive tips to help you through the challenge and give you space to ask me anything!
  • You will gain exclusive access to my private Facebook group with a supportive community where you can share your challenges and accomplishments.
  • The challenge concludes with another Zoom video call where you can connect with others and myself to share feedback, accomplishments, future goals and your overall experience.

Two individuals will be chosen at random to receive:

  1. Personalized assessment of one space
  2. $100 worth of organizational products for that space!

“I’m doing so freaking great! Seriously since we worked together I feel like every facet of my life has leveled up. It was a kickstart to something far, far bigger than I could have ever known”.
-Nicole M.


  • You are anxious and overwhelmed in your space.
  • You often spend extra time looking for things.
  • You spend hours or an entire day cleaning but still feel like you didn’t accomplish much.
  • You feel like you don’t have any time to organize.
  • You have drawers, cabinets or rooms filled with things you don’t use.
  • Your look around your house and immediately feel overwhelmed, yet have no idea where to begin.

If you’ve been waiting for the right time, this is it!

What better way to start a decluttering project than with a group of like-minded individuals to keep you accountable, the motivation of Spring energy and your very own organizing expert?

Mark your calendars:

STARTS: Saturday, April 23rd

ENDS: Saturday, April 30th

“Truly I have never been happier in my life, I’m so grateful and thankful!!! You changed my life completely! I was brought to tears!! I am overjoyed and feel ready for the next phase of my life! Even just signed up for the gym tomorrow because I feel like the biggest thing weighing me down has been my room. Thank you, thank you!!!
-Amanda, Q.

What you’ll get from the challenge:

✔ Reduce anxiety and overwhelm

✔ Complete 5 decluttering projects

✔ Receive structure, support and accountability to finally organize your home

✔ Learn the Clutter Healing process + practice it

✔ Provide space for self-care and rewards

✔ Welcome new energy into your home

Are you ready to create more time and space in your life?

Join us!