Declutter Your Space with Ease and Grace in 15 Minutes a Day

Being at home more (often while still juggling work and family responsibilities) means that you might be reconsidering how things are arranged in your high traffic areas.

If you want to use some of your time at home to organize but don’t have the bandwidth to go all out, try on these five 15 minute solutions. These simple tasks will support regaining a bit of control in your space as well as some soul satisfying accomplishment mojo.

Pantry: Get a basket or large roasting pan. Take stock of all of your canned goods. Pick up each can and look at the expiration date – toss any expired items, put any items expiring in the next month in your basket/pan and put the rest of the items back in neat rows. Your basket/pan becomes your ‘use first’ items: try to eat up those items this week. If you have time, make a list of items to restock during your next grocery run.

Clothing Closet: Chances are you’re dressing differently during this time. Move your most worn items to the front of your drawers and closet. Depending on where you live, put heavy sweaters away for the season. 

Utility Area: Make it that much easier to clean by clearing out any unused items or things that don’t belong. If you keep cleaning supplies in the utility closet, move the items used weekly/daily to the front. Use pretty brass nails or Command Hooks to hang your mop + broom for easy access if you don’t have a utility rack already in place.

Below the Kitchen Sink: Remove items that do not belong there, clear out unused or expired items, and again, move the most often accessed items to the front + put the backstock or overflow behind the dailies. Corral any loose items like sponges or rags into containers that you already have on hand such as a plastic bin or mason jar.

Workspace: Remove any clutter from your desktop or work surface. If you’re working in a common area like a dining room table, make sure you have all the office supplies you need on hand – use a box/basket or repurpose a serving tray to corral these items. Clear your workspace at the end of each work day.

Out of time before you are done? Play to your own energy and needs. You can revisit the space again later for another 15 minutes, or do another 15 minute session in a sort of mini-pomodoro method.

Don’t push yourself for the sake of being ‘productive.’ Take note of how much you were able to clear in 15 minutes! These small exercises can help us feel in control in times of uncertainty and give our space a little breathing room.

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I am also available for virtual organizing sessions to support you.