Clutter Healing® – Organizing Your Style with Lili Pettit

Check out a great collaboration post between Clutter Healing’s® Lili Pettit and’s Catherine Cassidy. The content is the basis of Lili’s organizing process.

  1. Start with Quarterly Edits
  2. Assign a Dedicated Home to Every Item
  3. Set a Time for Weekly Maintenance
  4. Put Things Back where they Belong

When works with a client, their intention is to help create a wardrobe full of pieces they LOVE that make them feel powerful. Lili helps her clients release items they’ve been holding on to, both in their closet and around the house so they can have a home full of things they LOVE.

Organizing style meets personal style in a tasteful, elegant way… so check it out and please share the post on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook if you like what these amazing women are doing!