Closet Clutter: One Piece, Three Outfits

The Effortless Closet shares how she created a more versatile and efficient wardrobe by cleaning out closet clutter.


Guest post by Randi of The Effortless Closet.

Outfit 1

I’m so honored to be sharing a little bit of my story here. The ideas Clutter Healing focuses on of living with clarity and efficiency really resonate with me.  

I used to be overwhelmed with a closet full of clothes, but somehow I never had anything to wear. I didn’t feel comfortable or confident in the outfits I put together, so I filled the void by buying even more clothes. It was a vicious cycle that just wasn’t working for me anymore. So I started paring down my closet and that’s when I realized that less truly is more. 



I started investing in clothes that genuinelyOutfit 2 brought me happiness and letting go of the clothes that were just taking up space. Getting rid of all the excess was really key to honing in on a style that’s simple and effortless but still has an element of fun. I was able to come up with outfit formulas that made me feel like the best version of myself and made getting dressed simpler. I also came up with a general color palette that made it easy to mix and match everything in my wardrobe.



Outfit 3

I now own around 50 items of clothing, compared to the hundreds I used to own.  My closet is cohesive enough that it’s easy to grab a few pieces and create a great outfit in a matter of minutes, but it’s also versatile enough that I don’t get bored. 





I never really realized how detrimental all the excess STUFF in my life could be until I started whittling down my wardrobe. Once I started to let go of the clothes I didn’t absolutely love, I realized that this idea of simplicity and efficiency could be applied to other areas of my life too – makeup, kids clothes and toys, home decor, cookware, everything. It’s amazing how my whole life changed for the better when I decided to get rid of all the clutter. 


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Randi, The Effortless Closet