Christine Lakin’s Clutter Healing Journey

Last month I had the privilege of embarking on a Clutter Healing® Journey with Christine Lakin in her beautiful Los Angeles home. The team and I addressed her needs with what she refers to as the heartbeat of the home – the kitchen, pantry and mudroom. I want to start by saying that whenever I am invited into a client’s space, I am immediately filled with joy. I believe it is a privilege and honor to be invited into anyone’s home.  I also want to express my immense gratitude to Christine for sharing her experience with me, and ultimately you, in such great detail.

Most pantries are a black hole because shelves tend to be deep or high causing things to be stacked on top of one another, or lost. The kitchen is another very common area that quickly gets out of control, as so much is housed in this space and as the spot where everyone gathers and many hands tend to move things around.  For Christine, her mudroom is a place that houses paper back stock, kid’s art supplies, house hardware, school backpacks, shoes, grab & go items, like masks, keys, reusable bags, and so much more!  We used her existing space and added a few key items from our brand partner idesign to maximize every square inch.

I love how candid Christine got with us throughout the Clutter Healing experience. A theme that often comes up before the team and I arrive is one of anxiety. Will we judge you? Did the client remember to hide things that they don’t want us to see?

One of the core values of CH is to provide a judgement free experience. Your “messy” drawer has us excited and energized as we see a beautiful opportunity in creating order out of the chaos. The most rewarding part of the CH process is being able to walk away from a project knowing that we have empowered the client with the tools and systems to maintain their newly organized space.

Christine talked about having a cathartic experience, and this is exactly how I would describe it. Decluttering your home goes much deeper than having your pantry aesthetically pleasing with matching bins and labels; it’s about reclaiming your energy . Energy that was once wasted looking for things or feeling frustrated is replaced with the space to be present and at peace with your home. 

You can watch her interview here and check out my Instagram @clutterhealing for more of her CH journey.