Checking It Twice: Three Last Minute Holiday Tips!

With only a few days before Christmas, your to-do list may be taking over your life. If you’re not careful, all the work to be done can overshadow the joy of the season. Here are a few last-minute things you can do to breathe easier and enjoy what’s around you:


1. Work Efficiently
Take a moment to consider what you enjoy doing most and what you don’t when it comes to holiday planning. Then relish in the things that make you happy, while finding ways to minimize or delegate the things that don’t. For example, if you love wrapping gifts, go for it! Spending your energy on something you love to do will yield great results. But if you can’t stand it, don’t torture yourself. Use simple bags, or a quick universal wrapping scheme, and then move on to what it is you really like. Don’t worry about expectations or trying to make everything perfect; by focusing on what you love and minimizing what you don’t, you’ll make work go quicker and the season brighter for everyone involved.

2. Have a Plan for Last Minute Gifts
Few things are more stressful than trying to come up with a last minute gift. The mall is packed, it’s too late to order things to be shipped, not to mention coming up with the perfect idea under pressure. Whether you’ve been surprised by an unexpected gift exchange, or realize you’ve forgotten somebody special, coming up with a gift at the last second can send even a seasoned pro into a panic. Luckily, you don’t have to brave the packed halls of your local mall if you don’t want to. Stores like Target or Home Depot have an assorted gift card wall for you to choose from, with cards from all kinds of restaurants, stores, and websites. If one gift card simply won’t do, consider picking a theme – restaurants you both love, a spa/beauty day, or a guy’s night out are a few options. Then simply pick cards from several places to fit your theme. A signed greeting card will tie it all together, and let them know you care.

3. Don’t Let Clutter Overwhelm You
It’s easy to put blinders on and zero in on the big day, December 25th. But what about the 26th? If you’ve been so focused on the main event that you haven’t been bothering to keep up with clutter, cleaning up after all the kids and family, the big meals and game nights, and the aftermath of unwrapping gifts is a truly daunting task. But if you think ahead and plan to spend a little bit of time each evening picking up, it will allow you to relax knowing that there won’t be a mountain waiting for you to pick up after the holiday is over. Then you can enjoy Boxing Day the right way – by eating leftovers!