Before and After: Vanity Room

Though this vanity room is one of the first projects Lili worked on professionally, it shows the dramatic impact hiring a Clutter Healer can have on your home. It’s also helpful in illustrating why you should let go of excess sentimental clutter. Let’s take a look:



Piles and piles of junk obscure the room’s pretty vintage furniture. Old books, boxes, and random flotsam cover just about every flat surface, making it very difficult to use functionally. There is an overhead shelf, but as you can see the books outnumber the amount of space left. This corner needs attention and a total reboot!



That’s exactly what it got! Before, the vanity room was basically a storage unit for those old books and boxes. It was never used, and the keepsakes were rarely touched. It was essentially a “vacuum” in the house. But once Lili and the client went through the piles of stuff, they decided to keep only the best and most personally significant things. Furthermore, they assessed any unnecessary emotional attachments, and donated most of the excess. The space was transformed! One of my favorite things about this particular transformation is how you can clearly see the personality of the client in the after photo; her unique aesthetic emerged once she had narrowed her belongings down to only the essentials. Now, all of her favorite things are displayed, the surfaces are usable, and the energy of the vanity room is bright and vibrant. 

All it takes is a little bit of elbow grease and some thoughtful consideration of your possessions. And of course, an expert Clutter Healer!